Offer an exclusive personalized website experience

Segment and target your website visitors to create personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences based on factors like their interests, browsing patterns, demographics, and more.

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Why do you need Website Personalization?

  •  Display dynamic content for visitor segments, such as personalized offers, recommendations, or messages
  •  Advanced filter and segmentation options for behavioral targeting
  •  Clear and concise reports for drill-down analysis
  •  An exclusive Heatmap tab for better visualization

Why should you personalize your website?


Make visitors feel known

Every visitor is unique, so why shouldn't their website experience be? Personalizing the dynamic elements on your website will enhance user experience and give visitors the feeling that you're catering to their needs even before they mention them.


Bring faster conversions

When visitors are served relevant content, it makes the website flow easier—which means increased efficiency. Moreover, when they get what they want as soon as they arrive, they are more likely to make a purchase.

What can you do with PageSense’s Personalization?

Deliver dynamically unique experiences

You can create and launch personalized web pages tailored to your visitors' interests in just a few easy steps. Select the pages and target audience, make desired modifications, and set up goals; you'll be ready to launch.

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Choose from a plethora of ways to personalize

PageSense lets you choose how to personalize your website, depending on what you know about your visitors. You can opt to personalize based on behavior, location, weather, device used, visit frequency, ad campaign, and much more.

Get profound reports with precise metrics

Gain access to extensive personalization reports that provide in-depth insight into how each experience performed in terms of reach, visits, conversion rates, and revenue. Additionally, the heatmap reports will tell you which personalized elements on your page did and didn't work.