Get a video playback of how visitors interact with your website

PageSense lets you record every visitor interaction with your website. Play back the recording to see what your visitors expect, what frustrates them, and which pages they’re switching between.

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Why do you need Session Recording?

  •  A variety of metrics for user recordings—browsers, devices, location, time spent, OS, and goals achieved
  •  How visitors navigate through other tabs
  •  Where visitors get stuck—bugs, UI issues, and broken links
  •  Mouse movements, scrolling, and clicks

Benefits of Session Recording


Learn the “why?” behind your analytics

When you can't derive the exact reason behind your metrics, a session recording provides you with the answers. You can see why your landing page has high drop-offs or why your contact forms aren't getting submitted by replaying visitor recordings.


Uncover website issues and broken links

Find obstacles that block conversions and create hesitations among website visitors. Be it a misleading CTA or a "Page 404 error," fix the broken elements for a better web experience.


Implement evidence -driven changes

Visitor recordings are proof of what’s working on your website and what isn’t. Use this qualitative data to strategically create content and make website changes.

What can you do in PageSense's Session Recording?

Choose your audience

Target a specific visitor segment to record and learn what works best for them. Choose from any of our preset audience segments or customize one of your own.

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Use tags on specific actions

When you have thousands of recordings to view, adding tags manually or automatically to specific actions such as CTA clicks can help you refine recordings based on tagged behaviors and analyze the visitor’s user experience.

Segment and filter recordings

Use our smart and advanced filters to zero in on a particular visitor behavior use-case without sifting through thousands of recordings. You can also incorporate the custom Identity API to locate visitor sessions based on specific criteria, such as email addresses, to target them with personalized shopping offers or discount coupons and to enhance conversions for your business.

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User Journey Mapping

During a visitor's session on your website, the cookie length is set to two hours. If a visitor engages with your website multiple times within this two-hour period, their interactions are consolidated and displayed as a single recording under one username. This applies as long as they navigate through various webpages and interact with different elements, but it does not extend beyond their session or after they exit the website.

Protect visitor privacy

By default, your visitor's sensitive information will automatically be anonymized on your recording screen in PageSense. You can also mask additional specific elements/interactions to protect your visitor's privacy.

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