Get a video playback of how visitors interact with your website

PageSense lets you record every visitor interaction with your website. Play back the recording to see what your visitors expect, what frustrates them, and which pages they're switching between.

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Record and Watch Everything

PageSense records and reproduces real user experiences on your website. We help you make smarter layout choices that help increase conversions.

Use Powerful Segmentation

Filter recordings to view the behavior of audiences you're interested in. With a few clicks, you can watch how specific visitor segments interact with your website. 

View Navigation Between Tabs

View your visitors' session recordings, even if they navigate through website pages spread across multiple tabs.

Track Goals Achieved

See all the events and goals visitors have achieved in their sessions. Skip to specific events in the recording when you need to quickly view key visitor interactions. Also, filter sessions based on the goals achieved by visitors.

Provide Complete Privacy

Mask any website elements that you don't want to record. What more—all IPs are anonymized, no keystrokes are recorded, and you can let your visitor choose to opt-in to be tracked.

Choose Your Audience

Target a specific visitor segment to record and learn what works best for them. Choose from any of our preset audience segments, or customize one of your own.

Convert more visitors by better understanding their behavior, with Zoho PageSense.

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