Real Time Website Analytics—Set Goals to Track Key Website Metrics

PageSense's Goals records website conversions over time, and across countries, devices, and audience segments. Track specific visitor interactions to find out how they translate to meeting your business's objectives. 

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Track Key Website Metrics

Create goals to track how key business objectives on your website perform. PageSense lets you track goals across multiple pages and platforms. Track and measure all your conversions real time.

Identify Top Performing Webpages

PageSense lists the top 10 webpages for every business goal to help you compare performance metrics, and you can get insights on different metrics for every page.

Track Geographical Conversions

Get insights on regions where business goals are performing better, and combine segments to get a 360-degree view on your conversions.

Use Powerful Segmentation

Drill down to view reports for specific sets of website visitors. Find the audience segments that make up major parts of your traffic, and the campaigns that have given you the best results.

Get data-driven insights from your website analytics—not just numbers.

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