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You can clone, attach files, download, print or delete estimates. In this page, we’ll see how you can do them.

Clone your Estimate

Create a duplicate of the estimate you had previously in Zoho Invoice.

There are situations where you would just want to create a duplicate of an estimate to send to your customer. You can do that by following the steps below.

Attaching Files to your Estimate

Attach bills, documents, sample files, product photos or any attachment that you need to provide your customers on your estimate.

Attaching a File in Estimate

Download, Print or Delete your Estimate

In Zoho Invoice, you can download estimates as PDF, print and delete them.


Download Estimate as PDF


Print your estimate


Zoho Invoice enables you to share an estimate as an URL/link to your customers. Your customers will be able to view their estimate by simple accessing the URL.

To share an invoice as a link:

  1. Go to the Estimates module on the left sidebar or press shift + e to instantly navigate to the Estimates module.
  2. Select the estimate you want to share using a link.
  3. Click the More dropdown in the top-right corner of the window and select Share Estimate Link.

Sharing an estimate Link

In the Visibility drop down choose either Public or Private & secure.



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