Zoho Meeting : Latest updates

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2 Features, 2 Enhancements, 16 Bug fixes

Features and enhancements this month include the option to promote webinars through emails, poll results view for webinar attendees, microphone check for computer audio, and free addition of users to Zoho CRM-Meeting Plus account.

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Mobile App Updates

iOS and Android App Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Enhancements in the Zoho Meeting iOS and Android apps to enable our users to meet, collaborate, and attend webinars from anywhere they want

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4 Features, 7 Enhancements

Features and enhancements to Zoho Meeting's webinar module that let you create instant polls, communicate with attendees through messages, and have better control over launching webinars.

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Major release

5 features, 4 enhancements, and 9 bug fixes

Major updates in this release include Raise HandAllow to Talk, and the option to join webinars through the Zoho Meeting iOS app. The Give Control feature that lets any meeting participant take control over another participant's screen has been released for Mac OS users as well. Apart from this, we have made enhancements in our conferencing servers and fixed a few bugs for better performance.


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Release verison 2.8

2 Features, 25 Enhancements, 18 bug fixes

Major updates in this version include registration moderation, screen sharing for everyone in online meetings, HD recordings, and enhanced user management. Zoho Meeting also has a new logo and an improved user interface.

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9 Enhancements, 25 Bug fixes

Customizable settings for webinar emails, sound notifications for meetings, and better connection stability.

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Release version 2.7

2 Features, 9 Enhancements, 49 Bug fixes

In this release, the major additions are co-organizer support for webinars, and webcam enumeration using which, you can select the camera of your choice for video transmission. Major enhancements have been made to audio and screen sharing as well.

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6 Enhancements, 23 Bug fixes

Major enhancements in this version include premium toll numbers for Indian cities, toll-free number for India, noise reduction, enhanced audio and data encryption .

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Release version 2.5

4 Features, 12 Enhancements, 25 Bug fixes

Major highlights in this release are customizable webinar registration forms, and moderatore controls viz., lock meeting, mute participants, remove participants in online meetings. We have also enhanced our registration page, added thank you emails, synced Zoho contacts with Zoho Meeting and more.

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Release version 2.2

4 Features, 5 Enhancements, 41 Bug fixes

The major highlight of this release is the online meeting integration with Zoho CRM. We have also added downloadable webinar reports, phone audio, and released our new android app. Enhancements have been done in screen sharing quality, connection speed, and our google chrome extension.

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Release version 2.1

4 Features, 4 Enhancements, 21 Bug fixes

This release consists of four important features - webinar Q&A, Co-presenter, Analytics and My recordings.

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