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Generate & convert
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with seamless marketing automation

Zoho Marketing Automation is a multichannel software solution with features designed to ease the marketing process and generate sales-ready leads.

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Keep your sales pipelines filled using strategic automation

Stage 1

Attract and convert prospects

Get more leads with sign-up forms, pop-ups, landing pages, and social media posts.

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Stage 2

Nurture with multichannel automation

Offer the most relevant, and personalized content right where your leads are.

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  Multichannel Automation
Stage 3

Score leads based on intent

Score your leads based on how they engage with your campaigns.

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Stage 4

Assign only sales-ready leads to the sales team

Evaluate and identify prospective buyers, and pass on only the best leads to your sales team.

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Stage 5

Identify which campaigns bring maximum ROI

See which campaigns have the most opens and clicks, and what type of content works best with your audience.

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Grow your business with marketing automation

  • Generate
  • Nurture
  • Convert

Generate leads with strategic and personalized campaigns

Design effective landing pages and plan automated multichannel campaigns to reach out to leads at the right time and produce more conversions than other conventional methods. Build your pipeline with targeted marketing approaches to keep your sales team busy.

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Lead nurture 

Nurture leads using multichannel
marketing automation

Not all leads are active on the same channel. Increase your campaign’s conversion rate by automating your lead nurturing campaign to reach prospects with personalized messages at the right time and in the right channel, whether it’s SMS, WhatsApp, email, or social.

Convert leads effortlessly to increase ROI

Reduce the gap between sales and marketing with our unique lead attribution model. Track all campaign performances from a single dashboard and understand which campaigns bring in qualified leads. Invest more in the campaigns that convert prospects to paying customers.

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Why Zoho Marketing Automation?


Complete marketing planner

Organize all your marketing efforts using a single calendar. Get more done with efficient planning and identify campaigns that perform with better monitoring features.

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Personalized experience

Convince more leads using tailor-made content. Engage them at various stages with automated behavioral targeting for better conversions.

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Ecommerce solution

Connect your e-commerce site and send follow-up emails post purchases, notify when a customer leaves their purchase unfinished, and let them know about special offers.

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Sales aligned with marketing

Score leads based on their interaction with the marketing message and your web pages to identify high-intent leads and help your sales team increase conversions.

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Enable double opt-in to collect customer data and simplify consent management. Take the privacy-first approach.

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Closed loop reporting

Make better marketing investments with a clean, unified data dashboard that helps you understand which campaign and platform bring in qualified prospects.

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What our customers say

We had issues with managing and monitoring our business. Zoho Marketing Automation really helped us to streamline and progress further. Zoho Marketing Automation, all in one!

Arun Narasimhan

Partner, Super Enterprises

Zoho Marketing Automation allows us to easily update and segment our leads, contacts, and accounts on the fly. Having used Mailchimp for years, Zoho Marketing Automation allows us to focus on important tasks instead of learning yet another system. Time is money in sales. Zoho is saving us time. Win-Win.

Steve Snyder

President, Visual App Inc.

I’m excited about Zoho Marketing Automation because you’ve now got a tool that allows us to compete with Hubspot while at the same time not having to be so expensive.

Adrienne Craighead

Marketing Advisor at TorchBearer Business Growth Advisors

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