Determine who is ready to buy

With a plethora of leads pouring in each day, it’s essential to have a system that classifies and qualifies them based on their interest. This classification can save a lot of time for the sales team, as they’ll know who to prioritize first.

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Assess your lead quality

One easy way to find potential customers is through a scoring model where you set criteria and assign scores to leads who meet those criteria. With the scoring data, you can assess your leads in a comprehensive manner consistently. The qualification process shows the number of active leads versus inactive ones.

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Close deals faster

Scoring and assessing your leads gives you a clear picture of where to invest your time and resources. Prioritize the leads at the bottom of the funnel that are most interested and most likely to convert. Continue nurturing leads in the top and middle of the funnel who aren’t yet ready to convert. Enable the sales team to focus only on the hot leads and therefore close deals faster.

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Compare lead stage distribution

Track the number of leads present in a particular stage at different time periods. These comparative insights tell you how far your leads are from becoming your customers.

Turn leads into customers by qualifying each opportunity

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