Better lead attribution

Lead attribution makes it a lot easier to track which of your marketing resources make the most significant impact on results. Get a clear picture of all KPIs that show your areas of strength and weakness. Track each campaign's performance using our comprehensive BI dashboard. Do a comparative analysis to see which campaign converts more and which one needs improvement.

Better lead attribution

Website behavior reports

Analyze all the pages on your website, see which are the top traffic sources, and monitor how many new, anonymous, and recurring visitors you get everyday. Set action-based goals on different pages and track results with time-based reports.

Website behavior reports Website behavior reports

Seamless tracking with smart URLs

Create short, branded custom links for your webpages that are easy to share and attach to your campaigns. Use these links to track the sources your visitors are coming from. Know which channels have the most impact.

Seamless tracking with smart URLs Seamless tracking with smart URLs Seamless tracking with smart URLs

Advanced analytics to uncover valuable insights about your web audience's behavior

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