Email is still a preferred mode of business communication despite being among the oldest forms of online communication. When sending emails is an integral part of your work life, we aim to make it magical. Zoho Mail is back with exciting new enhancements to its composer that makes emailing a dream.

Make your own shortcuts

You read that right. Now you can create your own text shortcuts (Hotkeys) and use them while drafting an email. Create custom hotkeys to expand and replace easy abbreviations of your choice with full words and phrases as you type.

So if you enter a ‘/’ followed by your hotkey while typing in the composer, it will be automatically expanded to the actual word you meant. Just like that.

To use Hotkeys, go to Settings > Hotkeys and Start creating!

Note: When you enter the ‘/’ (slash) in the composer, all your hotkeys will be listed. You can either select from the list or continue to type the hotkey you want to add and press enter.

Editor mode
Email on your terms

Be it rich text or plain text, you get to choose your default editor mode from the compose settings. The Zoho Mail composer is set to rich text mode by default, to offer you more editing and formatting options. If you prefer to send plain text emails instead, you have the option to do that too.

Formatting shortcuts
Edit in style

In a hurry or keyboard savvy, we’ve got you covered with keyboard shortcuts to do the format editing in your emails quick and easy. So you can change line height, font size, fonts, and alignments, as well as indents and add hyperlinks, all without having to take your fingers off the keyboard.

We hope you like using these features as much as we do. While we are coming up with more updates to make your email experience even better, please feel free to comment and tell us which is your favorite feature in Zoho Mail.

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    Awesome feature!

  2. Oscar

    Still wish CTRL+ R was for ‘reply’ and CTRL+SHIFT+R was ‘reply to all’

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Oscar,

      You can customize your keyboard shortcuts in Zoho Mail! On clicking the shortcuts that are in bold in the keyboard shortcut list, a text box will appear. Enter the desired shortcut key combination and click on the tick icon. Please refer to this help document for editing keyboard shortcuts. Reach out to us in case you need further assistance. Keep using Zoho Mail 🙂

  3. Joshua Malave

    All this needs is text prediction just like Gmail has! Pressing TAB to fill in the sentence!

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Joshua,

      Thank you for the great suggestion! Will definitely pass it to our product development team and keep you updated on its progress 🙂

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Joshua,
      We are excited to let you know that Hotkeys now displays the text replacement in the composer and you can press Tab/Enter keys to insert them! Please refer to this help doc for further details.

  4. Brian

    Awesome! I really appreciate how the Zoho team is always working on improvements and listens to their users.
    For the email app, I would like to suggest having a function whereby one could attach a file (photo for example) from ones smartphone.

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Brian,

      Zoho Mail mobile app already has options to upload pictures and documents in an email as attachments. You can also select the media file from your phone and click Zoho Mail as the sharing medium when prompted to accomplish this. Please reach out to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com in case you need further assistance 🙂

  5. brad laventure

    my MX records of the domain(s) are not point to zoho which did not allow me to receive and send mails … i have tried to resolve it but could not kingly help me to revolve it .Thanks in anticipations

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Brad,

      Our support representative will contact you and get this sort out 🙂

  6. alexa


  7. Yash

    We just LOVE using Zoho at our organisation. It is perfect and yet keeps coming with better updates all the time! UI is unparalleled, speed is always great and additional features such as these are always a delight. Kudos to the Zoho team, thanks.

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Yash,

      Thank you for these wonderful words, it made our day! Keep using Zoho products 🙂

  8. Chhman

    Hi, can you include Grammarly. basic

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Chhman,

      We are excited to tell you that we are already working on providing enhanced spell check and grammar checker in Zoho Mail. We’ll update you as soon as it’s available 🙂

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Chhman,

      We are thrilled to tell you Zoho Mail composer now sports enhanced spell checker! Type your content in the composer and click the spell check icon to find your typos and correct them in instantly with the options provided! Give it a try and let us know your feedback 🙂

  9. John Dollison

    Cool, but I still hate that when I reply to a message in Plain Text mode, the composer prepends every line of the original message with ” >”. I have to delete that garbage and manually copy in the original message. Most modern email clients allow you to turn that off, or choose a different character.

  10. James

    Wonderful improvements — thank you!

    Also, I would love it if I could manually sort my Notes in Zoho Mail as I can in Zoho Notebook!

    Thanks for your wonderful service!

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey James,

      Thank you for your kind words! We are pleased to inform you that this is already on our roadmap. We’ll be sure to inform you of any updates regarding it. Keep using Zoho Mail 🙂

  11. Maxine Brown

    When I create an email and when they are received the “from” shows as Bipin. Please can you tell me how I change this to AmaDablam?
    Many thanks

    • Tina Raffal

      Hi Maxine,

      When you send emails, the recipients see the ‘Display Name’ set by you in the received email. To change the Display Name, go to Settings >> Send Mail As, click on the From Address you wish to set a display name to. Type the required name in the Display Name field and click Update. We hope this helps. 🙂

  12. Akshay Kapoor


  13. Hari Pravin

    Hotkeys and Shortcuts are great features!

    It would be good to have a reordering in the Settings > Hotkeys so that the user can change the priority of the items displayed based on needs.

    As an
    – user who uses the Hotkeys on regular basis
    It should
    – be possible to change the priority of the items in the Settings > Hotkeys list
    So that
    – It will be listed as the topmost item in the popup menu when using the “/” shortcut in the compose window, and I can easily reach the most used. This will also allow me to control this priority based on my current need

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Hari,

      We are glad to hear you enjoy using Hotkeys and Shortcuts in Zoho Mail. Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We’ve forwarded it to our development team and will keep you updated on its progress. 🙂

  14. Unduh Logo

    Great features! I love Zoho Mail.

  15. Rvatlas


  16. Ruben

    I agree with Pablo. Put the bells and whistles down and fix all the basics first!

    I’d list my grips again (for mobile), but I’ll save that for the dev that’s going to contact me in a minute or two after I hit submit.

  17. Pablo


    All very nice. But basics first, please! It’s been a while that a request to send emails *with no X-Priority* header has been made and keeps being overlooked.

    Lots of spam filters look at the presence of that header to flag a message as Spam.

    This is probably not as fancy as the changes you’ve just done, but very useful.

    Yours truly,

  18. Geoffrey

    I would like to
    * choose the colums I see in the email list
    * collapse the folder & views sidebar
    * disable the chat bar

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Geoffrey,

      We already have the options to customize the columns in mail listing. Please refer this help page for the same.
      Regarding your request for collapsing folders and sidebar, we are happy to inform that it is already on our roadmap and we will update you once it is available to users.

  19. Ajay Soni

    I am Interested This Features

  20. Barry

    Excellent, great work!

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Barry,
      Thank you for your kind words. Keep using Zoho Mail!

  21. Zack

    Thanks for the hotkeys!

    I just gave it a try and found one bug. After I press and the text appears, my cursor goes away and I can’t type any more text until I click back into the editor again.

    • Tina Raffal

      Hey Zack,

      That seems to be an unusual issue. Can you contact us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com for us to troubleshoot and fix it for you?

      • Sijo

        If Zoho is trying to grow and excel at customer service, IMO this approach should change of “passing the buck”, you are the direct contact here collecting feedback from the clients and ideally you should be talking to your departments and solve it for the customer and not make the run again from pillar to pillar – he’s already made the trouble/time of reporting the bug to you so that “your” product can be improved.

        I found this approach too often when ever I tried to get in touch with your team/support.

        • Tina Raffal

          Hi Sijo,

          We are sorry you feel that way. We ask our customers to contact our support in special cases because we might need additional information that needn’t be discussed in a blog comment. We aim to offer a great customer service hence our personal approach to each customer 🙂

  22. Biep

    What I truly miss in the choice between plain or rich text is the distinction between new mails and replies.
    New mails: [ ] Plain [ ] Rich
    Replies and forwards: [ ] Plain [ ] Same as underlying message [ ] Rich.
    My preferences would be: New mails plain, and replies same as underlying message,
    Currently I cannot have new mails plain, because if I do so I will lose information when replying – choosing “rich text” in the tool bar is too late: much information from the underlying mail is already lost by then.

    • Tina Raffal


      Thank you for this wonderful suggestion. We have forwarded this to our development team. We will keep you posted on its updates 🙂

    • Tina Raffal


      We are excited to let you know that we have added editor mode options in Zoho Mail’s Compose settings for replies and forwards. Please refer to this help document for further instructions 🙂