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It's time to relax, rewind, and look at some of Zoho Inventory's significant updates and improvements that made it easier for businesses to track and manage their inventory. Let's take a look at how 2022 was for Zoho Inventory.

New modules


    Access all shipments you've created from the Shipments module. We've also added more statuses and support to attach documents to each shipment.


    Manage and track all your receives under a single roof from the new Receives module. We've also added a bunch of other features including a new status, In Transit, that you can use to indicate that the items are on their way to your warehouse.

New editions

We introduced two new editions, Kenya and Mexico, to make it easier for businesses in those regions to manage their inventory easily while ensuring that they create transactions compliant with the local tax laws.

Updates to automate manual tasks



Use autoscan to upload documents like receipts and convert them into transactions in Zoho Inventory with the help of AI.

so cycle

Sales order cycle automation

Set up a sales order cycle to automatically create follow-up transactions for a sales order such as invoices, packages, and shipments and save a lot of time.

Schedule reports

Schedule reports

Get regular insights on your businesses performance by scheduling critical business reports and get them delivered to your inbox.

Updates to engage with your contacts and employees

Engage with your contacts

Engaging with contacts is beneficial for a business as it helps you to build and maintain a strong relationship with them. Let’s look at the updates that let you do just that.

  • Customer portal
  • Vendor Portal
  • Custom Tabs
  • Zoho SalesIQ

Customer Portal

Give your customers access to a self-service portal where they can view and manage their transactions, pay for outstanding invoices, track shipments, update their contact information, and do much more.

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Vendor Portal

Let your vendors accept or reject purchase orders, view the last payment they've received, upload invoices to the portal to be converted to bills in Zoho Inventory, and more!

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Custom tabs

Custom tabs let your customers access any website directly from their customer or vendor portal.

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Zoho SalesIQ

With the Zoho SalesIQ integration, we made it easy for your contacts to reach out to you using the Customer Portal or the Vendor Portal and get live support on any query they might have.

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Engage with your employees

Here are some updates that help you simplify and coordinate with your employees from within Zoho Inventory.

Contextual Chat

Have conversations about specific transactions or records contextually using Contextual Chat.



Easily manage your order process by assigning specific tasks to employees in your organization and setting reminders & due dates.

New integrations

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  1. xero beta access|| Zoho Inventory
  2. xero arrow || Zoho Inventory
  3. We announced the Xero - Zoho Inventory integration for selected editions! This integration allows businesses to unify their accounting and inventory management to get accurate insights about their business.

  1. Hsbc || Zoho Inventory
  2. hsbc arrow || Zoho Inventory
  3. Save time by paying your vendors from within Zoho Inventory by integrating with HSBC.

  1. easypost || Zoho Inventory
  2. easypost arrow || Zoho Inventory
  3. Integrate your EasyPost account with Zoho Inventory and ship your products with ease by accessing all your configured shipping carriers inside Zoho Inventory!

Zoho Inventory

New extensions

Extensions are add-ons that you can install to streamline your business processes, save time, and improve efficiency. They also allow you to customize your account to meet your business’s specific needs, whether by integrating with a shipment aggregator or by automating manual tasks.


The Vamaship extension allows you to ship your packages anywhere in India with just a few clicks!

Updates on iOS

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Optional tracking feature

View billing/shipping address on Google/Apple Maps from contact detail page

Added templates choosing option for all modules in settings

AR quick look

Updates on Android

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Create credit notes

Configure multiple transaction series

Apply discounts in pricelists

Create vendor credits

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