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Gear up for eTIMS compliant invoicing
with Zoho Books

Your powerful VAT-compliant accounting platform is gearing up for eTIMS! We are working on ensuring you stay compliant as you read this. Are you excited? Enter your email ID and be among the first to get notified when eTIMS arrives!

Your ideal eTIMS solution

  • zb.etims.einvoicing.anywhere.alttext

    Do einvoicing from anywhere

    Push e-invoices to KRA effortlessly with a click of a button directly from your accounting software.

  • zb.etims.map.bills.alttext

    Map your purchase bills

    Fetch your purchase bills uploaded to KRA and map them with your Zoho Books transactions.

  • zb.etims.autoupdate.stocks.alttext

    Auto-update stocks

    Seamlessly update items in your inventory with KRA hands-free, and keep track of your stock levels.

  • zb.etims.reports.library.alttext

    Access a library of reports

    Stay on top of your business accounting with over 70 built-in reports, including X and Z report and other tax reports to ensure compliance.

Steps to register for the eTIMS integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is eTIMS?

    eTIMS stands for electronic Tax Invoice Management System, developed by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to streamline invoicing. It enables users to push e-invoices through various devices, including computers and mobile phones.

  • What is the deadline for the eTIMS registration?

    The recent mandate from KRA requires all businesses to be TIMS/eTIMS compliant starting 31 March 2024.

  • How to send an e-invoice in Kenya?

    You can send your invoices to KRA using a compliant Electronic Tax Register (ETR) or online if you are eTIMS registered.

  • What is OSCU?

    OSCU is a type of eTIMS known as Online Sales Control Unit, designed for systems operating online. This includes online accounting solutions that customize their invoicing systems to work with OSCU API. Zoho Books will fall under this type.

  • Who is exempted from enabling eTIMS?

    All businesses, both VAT and non-VAT registered, are advised by KRA to enable eTIMS.

  • Can I continue using my ETR devices to push e-invoices?

    You can still push e-invoices using ETR devices, but KRA encourages migration to eTIMS to address technical challenges associated with these devices.

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