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Get a brief idea of what an extension is, types of extensions, and how developing an extension using Zoho Developer Console can benefit the developers and end users. This section will also help you get started the developer console and the process of developing an extension with a quick-start guide.

Overview  | Getting Started  | Quick-start Guide 

Creating an Extension 

Using the Zoho Developer Console, you can build extensions from scratch in no time with the help of the simple Point and Click tools available in the console.

Setting up a Blank Extension  | Add Components 

Developing Third-party Extensions 

Build extensions that tightly integrate third-party applications with Zoho CRM. Our console can be used for integrating applications that support both basic Auth, and OAuth 2.0.

Connectors  | Custom Variables 

Single Sign-on for remote applications 

Allow users to access remotely hosted applications using Zoho as the identity provider. Develop Connected apps using SAML 2.0 standard protocol to authenticate and provide single sign-on (SSO). This adds additional layers of security and means users only have to remember one password.

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Build Connected apps for Zoho CRM 

Using the Zoho Developer console, you can also build extensions that enable users to embed applications right within Zoho CRM. This involves using a browser-based JavaScript framework to embed either a client-side app or server-side technology inside CRM. This framework also provides you with the API to access Zoho CRM data.

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Packaging your Extension 

Learn how to package all the individual components together and publish your extension.

Branding  | Pricing  | Testing  | Publishing 

Updating your Extension 

Updating your extension based on customer feedback is crucial to maintaining relevance and customer retention. Learn about the possible changes that can be made to your extension and how it can be made.

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Sample Extensions 

In order to give you an idea about how the development process works, we've deconstructed two sample extensions and provided detailed information about how they were developed.

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