Updating your Extension

Update your Extension

Updating your extension based on customer feedback is crucial to maintaining relevance and customer retention.

Not all the elements can be edited or deleted during version upgrades. The complete list of all the possible changes that can be made while updating an extension can be found in the table below.

Custom ModuleYesNo
Custom FieldYesYes
Custom LinksYesYes
Custom ButtonsYesYes
Custom Related ListYesYes
Web TabsYesYes
Workflow Rules**YesNo
Workflow Alerts*YesYes
Workflow Field Updates*YesYes
Workflow Tasks*YesYes
Custom FunctionsYesYes
Email Templates*YesYes
Inventory Templates*YesYes
Connected AppsYesYes
Custom VariablesYesYes
Inventory TemplatesYesYes

* For the Workflow tasks, Alerts, Field updates, Email and Inventory templates, the developer will not be able to change the module it is associated with.

**Incase of Workflow Rules, the developer will not be able to edit the following details:

  • The module to which the rule is applied.
  • The Execute based on option under Rule Trigger.

To update your extension

  1. Log in to Zoho Developer console and click Extensions for Zoho CRM.
  2. Select the extension you want to update and click Edit.
  3. Make any necessary changes and Publish  your extension.
  4. If your extension is private, share this update with your customers. You can either use the extension link manually, or click the Share this Extension option to send an automated email.
  5. To get the updated extension listed in the marketplace, select the List the extension in Zoho Marketplace checkbox.
  6. You will receive a mail with a link to the submission form. This form will contain the details of your extension's current version.
  7. Update the form with any changes you've made in the extension, then click Submit.


  • After you've submitted the form, you'll see Waiting for approval in the Marketplace status column in Extension Details page.
  • Once your update is approved, all the users who have installed will be notified about the update.

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