Connected Apps

Connected Apps

The Connected App lets you add features to, or build integrations with, a Zoho CRM product. A connected app is an application that can be integrated with Zoho CRM. The application may be a native desktop application that you've created for your organization, or a third-party web applications that you want to integrate with. The apps hosted in a remote server can be built with any technology you like, including server-side technologies(say Ruby/.NET etc)

How does it work?

The connected app integrates with Zoho CRM using APIs and the authentication and single signon are implemented via standard SAML and OAuth protocols. If the connected app wants to share data with Zoho CRM, it must support OAuth 2.0. If the connected app wants to use Zoho CRM's credentials, it must support SAML. Zoho provides the framework to simplify the SAML and OAuth integration for your application.

How to package?

As a developer, you will have to package the connected app as a part of an extension. There could be additional components in your extensions referring the connected app. For example, a custom button that opening a page in your application or a web tab referring a home page of the webapp.

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