Widget Support

Widget Support

At times, you might want to include features in your Zoho CRM application that are available through off-the-shelf softwares. The ability to integrate with these external services helps you in extending the functionality of your application. Zoho Developer's Widgets help you in building embeddable UI components and seamlessly integrating them with your application data.

Types of Widgets

Currently Zoho CRM supports four types of widgets in its user interface.

Telephony Widget

  • This widget is used to integrate and embed any call center or telephony application inside Zoho CRM application.
  • After user installs the telephony widget, the user can place a call by clicking on the telephone icon []


  • Through web tab widgets, you can embed information from a third-party application inside your Zoho CRM application. Web Tab widgets differ from ordinary web tabs, only in its ability to fetch data through APIs provided by Javascript SDK.
  • If you need to create module(s) with UI elements that cannot be added using prebuilt or custom modules or if you need to add features in your module that are not supported by prebuilt or custom modules, you can do so using Web tabs.
  • In your application, Web tabs are displayed like any other prebuilt or custom modules.

Related Lists

  • This widget helps you to display within the View page of a record, correlated information from other modules or third-party service and represent it contextually as a related list. 
  • For example, if you have a widget to integrate Zoho CRM with Quickbooks, all the invoices and purchases associated with a particular Contact can be fetched from Quickbooks and displayed in the View page.

Custom Buttons

  • Button can also be configured as widgets. These widgets are used in List view pages or Record details pages of Leads or Contacts module to perform specific operations on clicking the button. 
  • For example, if you want to send SMS to a Contact, then you can embed a 'Send SMS' button to integrate with any messaging service. The button could be placed in the View, List View page or at List View - Button for each record page of Contact(s).






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