Widget Support

Widget Support

Widgets are embeddable GUI elements that enables a user to perform a function or access a service. Zoho CRM, now allows you to embed third-party applications as widgets inside its user interface. This provides the user, the convenience of accessing all his associated accounts from one place without having to move on to another tab. For example, you can create a telephony widget to integrate a call centre application inside Zoho CRM or a related list widget to pull data related to a particular record from any third-party application and display them in that particular record's details page and so on.

You can create a widget as a part of any third-party integrations that you are creating using Zoho Developer Console.

Types of Widgets

Currently Zoho CRM supports four types of widgets in its user interface.

Telephony Widget

This widget is used to integrate and embed any call center or telephony application inside Zoho CRM. When a user installs a telephony widget extension, a small telephone icon will be embedded at the bottom right corner of Zoho CRM's user interface and clicking on that icon will trigger the actions according to the functions defined in your application. The following image shows a sample telephony widget embedded inside Zoho CRM.


You can embed a third-party application as a webtab inside Zoho CRM. This will open the application just like any other module in Zoho CRM. The following image shows a webtab embedded inside Zoho CRM.

Related Lists

You can also create a widget to display the related details of a particular record. This widget appears as a related list in the Record details page.It can fetch data related to a particular record from any third-party service and display it contexually in the record's details page. For example, if you have an extension to integrate Zoho CRM with Quickbooks, all the invoices and purchases associated with a particular record can be fetched from Quickbooks and displayed in the details page itself.The following image shows a related list embedded inside zoho CRM.

Custom Buttons

This type of widgets are used in List view pages of Leads or Contacts module to perform specific operations on clicking the button. For example, if you want to send SMS to an indended recipient, then a send SMS button can be kept in the List view page whose functionality can be defined through your application. Here, are the Sample Screens.






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