Review process to publish an application to Zoho Marketplace

Application review process for Zoho Marketplace:

Once an application is submitted for review, Zoho Marketplace team will go through it. The Marketplace team will scrutinize various aspects of the application and put it through the application testing process.

Basic points to keep in mind before sending an application for approval:

  1. The application must be in a consumable state without any errors.
  2. The application must not be directed to a specific client.
  3. The application must have a help page within the application which describes how to use the application.
  4. The application must not have insecure deluge scripts.
  5. The application should not have any hardcoded scripts specific to any user.
  6. The application should offer a distinctive value to the user and should not be a duplicate of any other app present in the marketplace, as it tends to diminish the value of the app.
  7. The application name should be prompt and directly related to the working of the application.
  8. Good not to have unnecessary scripts.
  9. Good to have a landing dashboard inside the application.

At the end of the review process, your application can have one of the following as its status:

  • Under Review
  • Published

When your application status is 'Under Review', you are required to fill in a detailed questionnaire relevant to the application by visiting Zoho Marketplace Settings. After you submit the questionnaire, and subject to approval of the content, your application will be published to the Zoho Marketplace under the Zoho Creator section.

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