Connect and work with multiple apps.

Widgets provide a single sign-on between Zoho CRM and any other third-party service. Let users send data, update records, and trigger workflows in any application from Zoho CRM.


Go beyond regular integrations.

Let users sign-in, create, edit, or delete data in any external application from their Zoho CRM account, in real time. No manual data transfer or scheduled sync involved.


Your application, anywhere you want.

Zoho Developer's JS SDK allows you to place your application's widgets inside Zoho CRM as a custom module, button, or related list. You can also use Zoho Developer's custom telephony widget to embed any VoIP application.


Develop on your terms.

Work in the environment you're most comfortable with. Widgets can connect apps built using any server-side or client-side technology and hosted in any remote or third-party  server.


Public or private. Your choice.

Package widgets as extensions and sell to millions of Zoho users worldwide through the Zoho Marketplace. Or build apps exclusively for your Zoho CRM account.

Build your first widget on Zoho Developer.