1. Develop 

Build your vertical CRM for free. Customize on top of Zoho CRM, and build solutions that accommodate the needs of businesses in your industry.

2. Deploy

Zoho sets up processes for sign-ups, sign-ins, upgrades, billing, and security, so you can focus on solving real-world problems for businesses across the globe.

3. Distribute

Build your own CRM brand. Distribute from your own domain, and sell tailored editions of your solution to different tiers of businesses.

Get Enterprise-Ready CRM Features with Zero Development Effort.

Focus on converting your core expertise into a CRM solution, without having to replicate Zoho CRM's existing features. Use the console's advanced customization options to add completely new features to your CRM: create modules, buttons, related lists, and workflows.


Multichannel Sales.

Provide tools like sales forecasting, multiple page layouts, and workflow rules to let your customers sell across multiple channels and maximize their revenue.


Customer Support Management.

Let your customers quickly respond to support tickets with features like the Cases module, the web-to-case form, and case assignment and escalation rules.


Back Office Operations.

Provide the ideal solution to handle all finance and back office requirements like invoice generation, order procurement, price books, and purchase orders.


Advanced Analytics and Reporting.

Use built-in arithmetic and statistical functions to help your customers create, schedule, and share custom reports and dashboards.



Make sure your customers are putting their data in the right hands with advanced security features like two-factor authentication, IP restrictions, field level security, and audit logs.