Generic CRM systems address problems that are common to most industries and provide a solution to them. This solution might be sufficient for some industries. However, in addition to a set of core features common to all CRM systems, most companies would benefit from some degree of industry- specific customization in their CRM system.  For example, a real estate company will require their CRM system to help them manage more useful data such as Property's value, Property type, Partner constructions,etc apart from helping them track their leads and potential buyers.

Companies that require high level of industry- specific CRM setup will look for a vertical CRM system that addresses all their needs. The major advantage of using a vertical CRM is that the end users are relieved from the trouble of customizing the CRM system as per their requirements. The vendor would have already done all the hard work in customizing the CRM system to suit the industry needs. Hence, Vertical CRM solutions are the most sought out ones by our customers. 

Bearing that in mind, Zoho Developer Console equips our developers with the tools to build vertical CRM systems that meet the specific needs of the industries they serve. Our suite of cloud-based applications makes it easy to customize and automate CRM for virtually any business segment. With its extensive collection of add-ons and plugins, Zoho Developer Console streamlines the integration process making it easy for our developers to deliver the customized experience their clients expect.


Find out what you can do with Zoho Developer Console and explore the features.

Building your own CRM Build a Vertical CRM application that meets the needs of your target industry.Test your application Test your application in a sandbox environment before publishing to ensure full functionality.
Branding your CRM Brand your application with a custom logo, domain and design themes.Pricing your Vertical CRM Set the pricing and markup details for different editions of your application.
Extensions Let your customers get access Mail, Docs and Projects without requiring seperate integrationsIntegrations Select from a wide range of integrated add-ons designed to help your end users manage their business effectively.
Manage Your Leads Track who signs up for your CRM application.Payments Manage your subscription and billing details.

Getting Started 

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