Zoho Developer Console offers the development environment and tools necessary to create Vertical CRM systems, and solutions that are fine-tuned to the specific needs of an industry. With the Developer Console, all the groundwork for building your vertical CRM is already laid out. You can use prebuilt components and automation techniques to fashion your CRM solution.

Not only can you fast track the development cycle of your product, but even users with minimal programming expertise can build industry-specific CRM solutions. You can leverage your domain knowledge to build solutions that capture the nuances of your particular industry. The Developer platform is not just an interface for building and testing your CRM; it also provides you with features to market your solution to your customers. From hosting your application to pricing and branding it, the Developer platform helps you with the end-to-end creation of your Vertical CRM.

Here are a few examples to illustrate how Vertical CRM solutions can be easily built using the Zoho Developer Console: You can create a real estate CRM that provides realtors with up-to-date details of properties, help them manage buyer and seller information, and more. Rather than just provide sales force automation, you can build a CRM for Insurance Underwriting that includes dedicated modules for policy and claims management and has a well-defined workflow for prospect follow-up. Similarly, a CRM for managing a Garage can be made more suited to the needs of its users by having integrations for sending SMS to customers and geographical tracking of vehicles.


Find out what you can do with Zoho Developer Console and explore the features.

Building your own CRM Build a Vertical CRM application that meets the needs of your target industry.Test your application Test your application in a sandbox environment before publishing to ensure full functionality.
Branding your CRM Brand your application with a custom logo, domain and design themes.Pricing your Vertical CRM Set the pricing and markup details for different editions of your application.
Extensions Provide your customers access to Mail, Docs and Projects without requiring seperate integrationsIntegrations Select from a wide range of integrated add-ons designed to help your end users manage their business effectively.
Manage Your Leads Track who signs up for your CRM application.Payments Manage your subscription and billing details.

Getting Started 

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