Build your CRM

Building your CRM

Bearing developers in mind, Zoho Developer has been designed to streamline the design process for building a customized vertical CRM system. Consult the following tutorial pages to learn how you can create a robust CRM product that addresses the needs of your target industry.

Setup your CRM application 

Setup your new CRM system by supplying your application details and selecting the modules you'd like to include. Learn More 


Next, tailor your application to fit your target industry by customizing fields, page layouts, themes, tabs and list views. Learn More 


Use workflow rules to set up automatic replies, alerts, and notifications. Learn More 


Permission profiles make it easy to assign a pre-defined set of permissions to each user depending on their position in the company. By controling who can access proprietary data and how they can use or modify it, you can deliver enhanced security without sacrificing functionality. Learn More 


Choose from over 60 built-in reports or create cross-module reports to summarize and analyze your CRM system's data. Learn More 

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