Setting Permissions

Permission settings serve two purposes within the end-user organization: determining who can access different types of data and limiting which system utilites are available to an individual employee. Properly calibrated permissions simultaneously ensure data security and make it easy to access and manage files when you need to.

Bearing in mind the importance of system flexibility, Zoho Developer allows end-user administrators to define a hierarchy of customized roles that fits their internal corporate structure. Each role must be assigned a  profile, which enables a range of key functions and determines the security access associated with that role. While the end user is responsible for assigning profiles to their organizational structure, system developers are tasked with creating custom profiles and managing the permissions associated with them.

Managing Profiles 

Create profiles that define the access permissions for the users. Set module-level and feature-level permissions for different profiles.
Create Profiles  | Control Permissions  | 

Setting Fields & Links Permission 

Control the access rights of CRM fields and link for various profiles.
Fields  | Links 

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