Customizing your Vertical CRM

Customizing is the most powerful way to achieve a successful industry-specific Customer Relationship Management system. In order to build an industry specific CRM, Zoho Developer provides a wide range of customization options that can be incorporated in your application.

You can customize a lot of elements like the tabs (modules), the page layouts, sections in a page, fields, etc. The changes include renaming, reordering items and even hiding tabs and fields that are not required.

Module Customization 

Customize standard modules and create new modules by adding/removing fields and designing the layout

Create a New Module  Edit a Module  | Delete a Module  |Add New Fields  |Standard Fields  |Custom Fields  | Formula Fields  |Organize Modules 

Page-level Customization 

Customize columns available in the related list items and create custom views to filter records.
| Related Lists  | Search Layout  | Add Links  | Customize Buttons 

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