Quickly bring your ideas to life.

With Point-and-Click tools, the console's interface is designed to let you quickly build extensions. Our Workflow Builder lets your extension automate every business process.


Use Zoho databases to store your data.

The console's database-driven UI builder lets you build new custom modules, and create new fields for existing Zoho CRM modules. Connect any data source to Zoho CRM's modules, and store them in our database.


SSO for remotely-hosted apps.

Access any remotely-hosted application by using Zoho as your identity provider. Zoho CRM uses the SAML 2.0 standard protocol to authenticate and provide single sign-on access (SSO). This adds additional layers of security and means users only have to remember one password. 



Schedule actions through custom functions, either at a particular time or on a recurring basis. Using Zoho Developer's scheduling capacities, you can transfer data between a third-party application and Zoho CRM on a regular basis, automatically trigger any Zoho CRM action, or push CRM data to your legacy system for data back-up.

Build beyond the standard features of
Zoho CRM.

Develop pre-built software components that can either add a set of custom features to Zoho CRM, or integrate Zoho CRM with third-party applications.


Add new features to Zoho CRM. 

Add new features to Zoho CRM by packaging components like custom modules, workflow rules, related lists, and more into an extension.


Build Connectors to integrate.

Build extensions that tightly integrate third-party applications with Zoho CRM. Zoho Developer can be used for integrating applications that support both basic Auth and OAuth 2.

Embed apps inside Zoho CRM.

Use Zoho Developer's a browser-based JavaScript framework to embed either a client-side app or server-side technology inside CRM. Access the connected external application from within Zoho CRM using single sign-on.

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Publish in Zoho Marketplace.

Not only can you package and share your extensions privately, you can also brand, price, and publish them on the Zoho Marketplace. Your extensions can be accessed by over 60 million users. With a public profile on display in the marketplace, customers can also directly contact you with their business requirements.