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Sigma is a low-code unified extension development platform that enables you to build and host ready-to-use extensions for Zoho products.

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Add new functionalities to these supported Zoho apps

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Human resources


Customer service


Custom solutions

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Email and collaboration

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Built with Sigma

Kanban board for Zoho CRM

This offers a better picture of sales pipeline progress. The visual tool provides real-time visibility into various stages of your sales pipeline.

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Customer Insights for Zoho Desk

This provides insights about customers right next to their ticket including, the number of tickets received, response and resolution times, and their happiness rating percentage.

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Checklist for Zoho Projects

This allows users to create a set of to-do lists for tasks and issues in Zoho Projects. Users can also create checklist templates that can be used across tasks to save time.

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Resume Extractor for Recruit

This allows users to add candidates and contacts instantly to Zoho Recruit by parsing content from sourcing websites or online profiles.

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Builder experiences

"It's been a very positive experience. We're consistently impressed by what we can do with Sigma. We've used a couple of things, like the settings widget and custom actions, a ton and they really help. A big part of the experience is just the support we've been getting. We get a lot of people jumping in and helping us out and answering questions and even addressing different bugs or things that we're experiencing. It's been a good experience to build on the platform."

Tom Hall, Co-founder, BluRoot

Builder experiences

"On Sigma, you have as much of the functionality as you would when working on any other Zoho tool. The user interface was more like what I was used to in Zoho CRM, which made it really easy to build what we needed."

Kasey Luft, CEO, Clientric

Builder experiences

"Building on Sigma was smooth and straightforward. The platform is flexible, offering a wide range of opportunities for technically-savvy people with Deluge and the toolbox that enables deep app integrations. There was nothing that our customers wanted that we couldn't do on Sigma."

Sergey Shurygin, Founder, Mapsly

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