Working with Reports

Zoho CRM reports are the detailed and informative list of records. Each report provides access to important data required for various purposes. In Zoho CRM, standard reports are provided in various modules, which can be either used as it is or customized further as per your business requirements.


Profile Permission Required: Users with the Reports & Dashboard permissions can access this feature.


Zoho CRM provides more than 40 different standard reports for the users' benefit. These reports are distributed across different modules in Zoho CRM. You can use the standard reports or customize them as per your business requirements. Please note that we do not provide reports for Price Books.

List of Some of the Standard Reports

Report NameDescription
Account and Contact Reports 
Contact Mailing ListList of contact address details.
Key AccountsAccounts that give you more sales revenue.
Accounts by Industry

Accounts from various industries.

Deal Reports 
Pipeline by StageDeals by their stage.
Deals Closing by this MonthDeals that are closing during the current month.
Sales Person's Performance ReportDeals gained by each sales person.
Lost DealsDeals that are lost.
Deals by TypeDeals by their type.
Open DealsDeals that are pending.
Pipeline by ProbabilityPipeline of the deals by their probability.
Sales By Lead SourceSales from various lead sources.
This Month SalesSales that has happen during current month.
Today's SalesSales that has happen today.
Stage Vs Deal Type ReportSales vs deals report
Lead Reports 
Leads By SourceLeads from various sources.
Leads By StatusLeads and their status.
Today's LeadsLeads that are created today.
Leads by OwnershipLeads and the corresponding owners.
Converted LeadsLeads that are converted into Account / Deal / Contact.
Leads by IndustryLeads from various vertical industries.
Activity Reports 
Tasks and Events ReportList of all the tasks and events.
Today's CallsList of current day's inbound and outbound calls.
Call Status ReportLists the calls and their status.
Campaign Reports 
Campaigns Revenue ReportRevenue generated from the campaign.
Campaign LeadsLeads that are generated through the campaign.
Case & Solution Reports 
Popular SolutionsNumber of comments for solutions.
Cases By OriginCases based upon their origin.
Cases By StatusCases based upon their status.
Cases By PriorityCases based upon their priorities.
Cases By CommentsCases with the number of comments count.
Sales Forecast Reports 
Quarterly Forecast SummaryQuarterly forecasts that includes committed amounts, best-case amounts, and pipeline by quarter.
Forecast History ReportLife cycle of the forecast.
Product Reports 
Products by CategoryProducts based upon their category.
Products by Support Termination dateProducts list whose support discontinued during the current month.
Products by CasesProducts and with the list of cases associated with the products.
Vendor Reports 
Amount by VendorsVendors based on the amount
Vendors Vs PurchasesVendors based on the purchases made from the vendors.
Quote Reports 
Quotes by AccountsQuotes based on accounts.
Quotes by StageQuotes based on their stages.
Sales Order Reports 
Sales Orders by AccountsSales orders based on accounts.
Sales Orders by StatusSales orders based on their status.
Sales Orders by OwnerSales orders based on their owners.
Purchase Order Reports 
Contacts Vs PurchasesContacts based on purchases.
Purchase Orders by StatusPurchase orders based on their status.
Invoice Reports 
Invoices by AccountsInvoices based on their accounts.
Invoices by StatusInvoices based on their status.
Sales Metric Reports 
Lead Conversion across Industries Average number of days taken for the Lead to be converted from various industries for the past 6 months
Lead Conversion across Owners Average number of days taken by owners to convert the Lead for the past 6 months
Lead Conversion across Sources Average number of days taken for the Lead to be converted from various sources in the past 6 months
Lead Conversion Count across Owners Total number of Lead converted by various owners for the past 6 months
Overall Sales Duration across Lead Sources Average number of days taken for the Lead to win as Deal from various Lead sources
Overall Sales Duration across Deal Type Average number of days taken for the Lead to win as Deal of different type
Sales Cycle Duration across Lead Sources Average number of days taken for the Deal from various lead sources to win
Sales Cycle Duration across Owners Average number of days taken by the owner to win their Deal
Sales Cycle Duration across Deal Type Average number of days taken for the Deal of different types to win
Territory Reports (only if you enable territory management feature) 
Overall Sales Cycle Duration among territories Overall Sales Cycle Duration among territories - summary
Performance by Sales Persons across territories Performance by Sales Persons across territories
Pipeline Deals among Territories - Matrix Deals in pipeline based on territories matrix report.
Revenue By Territories - Last 6 Months Revenue by territories for the past 6 months.
Revenue By Territories - Summary Summary of Revenue by territories for dashboard.
Revenue Channels among Territories Revenue Channels among Territories - Summary Report.
Sales Cycle Duration across TerritoriesTime taken for the deals to close acorss various territories
Star performers across territories Sales persons who achieved their targets
Target Achieved among territories Target achieved among territories for this FY. These do not include sub territories targets.

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