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Error Messages

"This feature is supported only in Internet Explorer 6 or higher. Please access Zoho CRM using Internet Explorer and try creating mail merge documents again"

  • Reason: You might be using Zoho CRM in web browser other than Internet Explorer 6and above.
  • Solution: Access Zoho CRM using Internet Explorer and create mail merge documents again.

"Cannot download the Microsoft Word mail merge template. It is being used by another application or program. Close the template and try again"

  • Reason 1: You might be trying to merge records without closing the mail merge template in Microsoft Word.
  • Solution: Ensure that the corresponding Microsoft Word mail merge template is closed before clicking on the merge button in Zoho CRM.


  • Reason 2: The Microsoft Word application might not be closed properly, it could be running in the Task Manager.
  • Solution: Go to Task Manager (Hold Ctrl +Alt+Del) > Click Processes > Microsoft Word application > End Process.

"Zoho CRM Word Plug-in has encountered a problem while merging the template"

  • Reason 1: You might not have inserted Zoho CRM merge fields in the Microsoft Word mail merge Template.
  • Solution:
    • Open the corresponding mail merge template in Microsoft Word.
    • Insert the required merge fields.
    • Save the mail merge template.
    • Import the mail merge template again to Zoho CRM.
    Now, you can merge the template with the corresponding module to create mail merge documents.


  • Reason 2: The corresponding mail merge template might be created in higher version of Microsoft Word, which might not be available in your system.
  • Solution: Kindly upgrade your Microsoft Word or create the template in compatible MS Word version and create mail merge documents again.
  • Reason 3: There might be some temporary internet files stored in your system, related to the corresponding mail merge document.
  • Solution:
    1. Click Start (Desktop menu) > Run.
    2. In the Run dialog, enter %temp% and click OK.
    3. In the Temp page, delete "MMTemplate.doc" & "datasource.csv"
      Now, you can create mail merge documents from Zoho CRM.

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