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Zoho CRM for iPhone

Zoho CRM for iPhone is a native application that enables you to access and work with your Online Zoho CRM data from your iPhone. The 3.0 version of the native CRM app is available in iOS 8.0 and above. From you iPhone, you can access data from Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, Cases, Vendors, Products, Tasks, Pricebooks, Sales orders, etc.


Permission Required: Administrators need to activate it for users in other profiles.



  • Zia Voice - Call or Chat with Zia to get answers for all your questions in Zoho CRM.
  • Spotlight - Spotlight Search lets you see the contact information that you are searching for in a jiffy.
  • Proactive Suggestions - Proactive suggestions let you take the fastest route to make your sale. They allow the frequently used apps to predict the data and have it suggested when you need it.
  • Caller Identification (Caller ID) - Zoho CRM now has caller ID, so now you don't have to wonder anymore as to who the caller is, you'll immediately know when a customer is calling.
  • Voice to Text conversion - Your phone can now do the job of your secretary, listening to what you say and typing it out for you. Any follow up task or to-do item that you record with your voice will be converted into text and can be saved into your record. 
  • App icon 3D touch - 3D touch makes it easy for the user to take certain actions directly from the home screen. With the Force Touch feature, you can search for contacts, call them, add tasks, and more—all from the CRM icon on your home screen. You can customize these pop-up actions. 
  • Widgets - Widgets let you take a quick glance at information and even perform small actions without even having to open the app. You can access widgets from the Lock screen, the Home screen, or from Notification Center.
  • Access your CRM data on the go - You can access your Zoho CRM data from your iPhone on the go, anytime and anywhere.
  • Synchronize your data modifications - You can add, modify and delete records from within your iPhone. The changes will automatically get synchronized with your account online.
  • Work offline - You can continue to work with the application even when your mobile is offline or out of network coverage. You can access the CRM records stored locally in your iPhone device and also add, modify and delete records. The application will automatically synchronize the changes made while offline into your online account, when your mobile device reconnect to the network.
  • Make calls from within Zoho CRM application - You can instantly call your Zoho CRM contacts from within the application and log the calls into Zoho CRM afterwards.
  • Locate Leads, Contacts and Accounts near you - Using Maps provided by Apple, Zoho CRM can locate and show you the leads/contacts/accounts near you. You can set the radius as 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles.
  • Log your calls in Zoho CRM - You can log the outbound calls made from your iPhone. This will also give you options to add other details such as Purpose, Call Owner,Call Related To etc.
  • Send emails to contacts - You can easily send emails to your Zoho CRM contacts from the email account configured in your device.
  • View Records in alphabetical order - The records in Contacts, Leads, and Accounts modules is listed in alphabetical order for an easy search.
  • Update the Related Lists in each record - With each record you can associate related records such as events, tasks, calls, attachments, etc.
  • Personalize your mobile CRM - You can now personalize the app to suit your taste by choosing a theme of your choice from the list of available themes.
  • Activity Centric Home Screen - CRM 3.0 comes with a home screen that displays all the activities of the day. You can switch over to any other day and view the activities to be performed on that day with the help of the calendar provided in the home page.
  • Receive Push Notifications - You can now receive push notifications for reminders, new mails received , @mentions and event invites.
  • Integrate with Zoho Docs - You can now attach documents from your Zoho Docs account to your CRM.
  • Custom Locations - In addition to locating leads/contacts near you, you can also locate leads/contacts/accounts that are located in a different location using Custom Location option. For example while you are in Pleasanton, you can look up your records located around San Francisco.
  • Check-in - You can now check-in every time you visit a Contact/Lead. This gets recorded in the notes section of the related records and can be used in future for your reference.

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