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Importing Contacts from Google Apps

The Import Contacts feature helps you import contacts from Google Apps to Zoho CRM. It gives you the advantage of accessing your Google contacts from Zoho CRM, without having to sign in to your Google account, every time you want to import. The imported contacts from Google Apps will be assigned to you and shared with Zoho CRM users as per your organizational hierarchy. We recommend that you import business contacts only.

Standard Field Mapping

Zoho CRM FieldGoogle Apps Field
First Name-
Last NameName

To import contacts from Google Apps, follow these steps:

  1. In Google Apps, click on (the Apps icon).
  2. Click More > Zoho CRM.
    You will be redirected to Zoho CRM.
  3. In Zoho CRM, click Settings > Setup > Extensions & API > Google> Contacts .
  4. In the Import from Google Contacts Apps page, select the contacts and then click Add Now.
  5. In the Map Fields page, map the CRM fields with Google Apps fields and then click Next.
  6. Your Google Apps contacts are imported into Zoho CRM.


  • You need to log in to Google Apps only the very first time you want to import contacts.
  • After importing, your contacts are shared with other users as per the role-based hierarchy configuration in your Zoho CRM account.
  • It is are strongly recommended to import only business contacts to Zoho CRM.
  • While importing data, a duplicate check is performed automatically.

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