Data types in Formula Fields

Data types in Formula Fields

Data type is the kind of data that can be held and stored while evaluating an expression. Data types are the defined set of values and the allowable operations on those values. They represent either the function, argument, return value or the complete formula itself. The different data types available in Zoho CRM Formula Fields are:

  • Numeric data type
  • Currency data type
  • String data type
  • DateTime data type
  • Boolean data type

Numeric Data Type

The numeric data type contains number (digits) in various representations and performs the calculations. The Numeric data type can be integral types with only whole numbers (positive, negative and zero) and non-integral types with both integer and decimal parts. Example for Numeric data types are +5, -9, 10, 0 (integral types) and -25.02, 27.25 (non-integral types).

Currency Data Type

The currency data type is used for data types that hold monetary values or financial calculations. This contains the numeric value of data along with the currency symbol of the selected currency locale.

String Data Type

A string data type is an ordered sequence of symbols. These symbols can be chosen from a predetermined set of mathematical objects or alphabets (unicode characters). Example for String data types are: 'demo', 'crm'.

DateTime Data Type

The datetime data type is used to store or display values that are both date and time or only date. Examples are ('May 15, 2004 11:25am').

Boolean Data Type

The boolean data type, also known as the logical data type are used to represent the logical values of true and false. Example for Boolean data types are: true; false.

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