CRM Help

Personalizing Home Tab

The Home tab in Zoho CRM gives you the option to add components (widgets) that are most often used. For example, you can add a component to view the tasks and events for today or the list of potentials that are closing this week. Also, you have the option to add components from dashboards that represent pie charts, funnel diagrams and bar charts. There are two types of views for the Home tab:

Classic View

You cannot customize this view. It lists 3 standard components: The Task List Views, Today's Events and Pipeline by Stage.

Customizable View

You can customize this view and add a maximum of 5 components. Individual users can customize the Home tab for their own account.

Change to Classic or Customizable Mode

Under the Home tab, you can either set the Classic mode or the Customizable mode where you add up to 5 components and rearrange them to suit your needs.

To change to Classic or Customizable Mode

  1. In the Home tab, click the Customizable option icon.
    The Customizable View of the Home tab will be available. You can add components and rearrange them.

Add Components in Customizable View

In the Home tab, you can add up to 5 components. Each component will list data from the various others modules like the Leads, Potentials, Activities, Dashboards etc.

To add components

  1. In the Home tab, click (Customizable option icon).
  2. In the Home tab, click (Add Component icon).
  3. In the Add Component pop-up window, do the following:
    • Select a Module from the drop-down list.
    • Specify a Component Name.
    • Select a Column Layout. You can either have a one column or a two column layout.
    • Select the Custom View whose data you want to view in the Home tab.
    • Click Save.
  4. Click the navigation arrows to view more records. Only 5 records will be listed per page.


  • In the Classic View, you cannot customize the components. The number of records per page can be selected by the user.
  • Based on the Zoho CRM Edition, users can select the records per page.

Customize Column Headings in Components

In the Customizable view, the components that you add in the Home tab can be list views or data in the form of pipelines, pie charts or bar graphs, etc. For the List View components you can easily add, delete and reorder the columns. You need to make the changes for the list view and the same will be applied to the related components in the Home tab also.

To customize column headings

  1. Click the [Module] tab. (For eg. Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc.)
  2. In the [Module] Home page, select the list view that you want to edit.
  3. Click the Edit link.
  4. In the Edit View page, select and move the fields to the Available Columns list box.
    After selecting the columns you can change the order of the columns or remove unnecessary columns from the Selected Columns list box.
  5. Click Save.
    The changes will be applied to the related components in the Home tab.