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Standard Fields in Cases

Following are the list of Zoho defined standard fields available in the Cases module:

Field NameDescriptionData typeMaximum Limit
Case NumberDisplay the case ID after creating a case.Number16 digit
Product NameSelect the product name related to the case.Lookup-
Case OwnerSelect the name of the user to whom the case is assigned.Lookup-
Subject*Specify the title of the Case. This field is mandatory.Text boxAlphanumeric(255)
PrioritySelect the priority of the Case from the drop-down list.Pick list-
Status*Select the status of the Case from the drop-down list.Pick list-
Reported ByDisplays the name of the contact.--
Related ToSelect the name of the contact who submitted the Case.Lookup-
TypeSelect the type of problem. It can be a general question, feature request, or real issue in your product/service.Pick list-
Case Origin*Select the source from which the case has been generated. You can select Email, Phone, or Website. If you select Email, you must specify the Email ID of the customer.Pick list-
EmailSpecify the Email ID of the contact.EmailAlphanumeric and Special characters
Account NameSelect the account related to the caseLookup 
Potential NameSelect the Potential related to the caseLookup 
PhoneSpecify the phone number of the customerText boxAlphanumeric(50)
Case ReasonSpecify the reason for the casePick list-
DescriptionSpecify complete details about the case.Text Area32000 characters
Internal CommentsSpecify follow-up notes about case.Text Area3000 characters
SolutionSpecify the solution providedText Area32000 characters
Add Commentspecify the follow-up notes about the solutionText Area32000 characters

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