Blueprint - An Overview

Right from the moment you capture a lead in your CRM system up until deal closure and beyond, your organization may have several sales processes in place. For instance, leads generation and follow-up, deals closure and order management. Each of these processes has several stages, and different teams may be responsible to complete each stage. At this point, one needs to take a moment to see if the CRM dictates how these processes should be executed.

Consider the Deal Follow-up process for example. This process has many stages such as qualification, negotiation, value proposition, and legal review until finally the deal is closed won/lost.

 How to design a Blueprint
  • At which point can a deal go from the “Negotiation stage” to “Discount Approved”?
  • Or at which point can you say that a lead has attained the “Contacted” status? After you have contacted them once, twice, five times? If it’s five times, are all your sales reps following the same procedure?

When the process you follow offline is not captured in the software accurately, there is no assurance that it is followed in the right manner. There may be inconsistencies and gaps in the process. 

That is the problem that Blueprint aims to solve.

Zoho CRM's Blueprint is simply an online replica of a business process. It captures every detail of your entire offline process within the software. It facilitates automation, validation and collaboration of teams, thus making your process more efficient and free from loopholes.

Creating a Blueprint

Learn how to create a Blueprint in Zoho CRM with the help of the following scenario.
Deal follow-up process in sales  | Blueprint Sample Process Flows 

Blueprint Tutorial

Visit this step-by-step tutorial on configuring a Blueprint for various scenarios such as Lead Qualification (Continuous Process), Deal Follow-up and Order Management.
Blueprint Tutorial

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