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    "Zoho Cliq helps for fast collaboration and instant communication between team members as we have team members distributed across the globe."

    Daryl Lee J YSenior Marketing Executive, HashTaqs Pte Ltd

    "We’ve got 30 in our team worldwide, so we’ve got multiple different time zones that we’ve got to play with. So, Cliq is a powerful communication tool for us from an asynchronous work nature."

    Hayden Kerr,Technical Manager, SyncEzy

    "Zoho Cliq has made teamwork smoother and more efficient than ever."

    Audrey MangalinaoGlobal Customer Success Deputy Manager, Tomedes Ltd

    "We introduced Zoho Cliq before COVID and it was transformational for the business from the very first day. We were able to have a global channel, so that everyone in the business, across all of the countries we operate in can communicate immediately."

    Theresa TurnerDirector of HR and Marketing, ArtiCAD
    Solutions to success

    "We use it across the organization daily. We actually live on Cliq with everything. We use Cliq to set up groups with our clients so we can stay in contact with them and they can ask us questions. So we don't just use it internally but externally for support."

    Jason KimberCEO and Founder, Solutions to Success

    "Since we work across different time zones and countries, Cliq is our only way to communicate with each other and be productive."

    Vannilyn Monica PerezCustomer Service Representative, LabMinds Staffing & Recruiting
    Fazenda Rodizio Bar and Grill Logo

    "There is no way that you can have smooth communication with people who are in different places at different times unless you use common ground and {Cliq} is our common ground. We have learnt through these years—since 2018—that there is always a way to learn more about the platform and make better use of it. It's a platform that's happy to evolve, progress and add new features."

    Natalia AndradeHead of Marketing, Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill
    Riff Studio Logo

    "Zoho Cliq is very intuitive and versatile. We use it all the time. We also like the announcement feature in Cliq. We use this to broadcast information to everyone within the company knowing that everyone will receive the messages."

    Eddy VorachartChief Technology Officer, Riff Studio
    SNS Tech Logo

    "With Cliq, you can communicate with all other team members. You can chat with a particular person or whoever you want to regarding that one particular email without sending an email and occupying the email space."

    Sherley CharanyaHR & Accounts Executive, SNS Tech Pte Ltd
    Case Study
    FHRM LLP Logo

    "We felt that our data was unsafe with our previous communication application and the cost was a bit high. So, we were looking for a more trustworthy and cost effective communication platform, and that's the reason we switched to Zoho Cliq."

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    Starmark Software Logo

    "Cliq helped us streamline our communication across our organization. We are able to collaborate more effectively and efficiently through Cliq."

    Starmark Software
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    ShortList Recruitment Limited logo

    "Cliq is integral for our chat communications. It was a game changer for us as we can separate channels out for different types of communication—general team updates, events, and things happening. For the cost, the benefit I had was a no-brainer."

    Giles Warburton,Managing Director, ShortList Recruitment
    One Business Solutions Logo

    "We have a channel in Cliq. It’s called “At Risk”. It’s when we have upset a customer and they are at a risk of leaving us, everyday our agents know which customers we’ve done wrong by and we are able to understand the “why” and the outcome. Our attrition of clients has gone down significantly."

    Janet LivingstonFounder and President, ONE Business Solutions
    Boomering Logo

    "Cliq is very beneficial for us to answer things quickly and get things noticed without having to send emails. 100% I recommend it as anybody to use as an internal communication tool."

    Brandon HarrisQuality Manager, Boomering Inc.
    L.A Window Films

    "Meetings help our organization communicate, and make instant decisions. So we don’t waste time, and our customers are content that they can receive real-time and immediate information from us."

    Amrit MirpuriCEO, L.A. Group of Companies
    Adequate Bookkeeping

    "The most amazing feature about Cliq is the search option. The second is I am able to have a group created with our customers, and I can literally browse through and see what’s happening. I don’t even have to ask the team to update me on the conversations."

    Bhargey PatelFounder and CEO, Adequate Bookkeeping

    "I personally love the meeting feature in Zoho Cliq. It’s fast and reliable. In some ways, it is better than other meeting applications. Another best thing about Cliq is its ability to be integrated with other applications. "

    Nik KhairulChief of Growth and Delivery, Aplikasi
    Financial Artists

    "We like Zoho Cliq for three reasons. One is when we are on the go, we automatically get tickets in Cliq which can be resolved on the go. The second is we do a lot of calling on Cliq. And our colleagues log in and log off, so we get to know their location, whether they are working on-site or off-site. "

    Meher DhamodiwalaOwner, Financial Artists
    Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers

    "Threads has made life easier for us to keep conversations sorted, go back to them, have the correct people involved and make decisions. Cliq has slowly become the unified center. People are there on Cliq most of the time, and they don’t need to leave the screen because of custom integrations."

    Kashif AhmedChief Technology Office, Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers

    "Zoho Cliq is not just a mere collaboration or a conferencing app. It's a phenomenal sharing app. It's a value co-creation app. "

    Nitish BhushanFounder and Managing Partner, Trueval

    "It's been almost 2.5 years that we've been using Cliq in the entire organization. And I should say, when we see it from what we were in the past 2.5 years versus what we are today, we've come a long way when it comes to collaboration."

    SandraHead-HR, vCommission

    "We're constantly communicating back and forth via Cliq, and Cliq being integrated into Projects—that's brilliant. And of course, Desk is integrated with Projects, and everything's just singing."

    Stuart George
    Stuart GeorgeFounder and Creative Director, CKP Creative

    "The best tool I have ever used for team collaboration. We love Zoho Cliq!"

    Parambir Singh BhullarCo-founder, Fleet Hawks Inc

    "We started using Cliq at a team size of 20. We've grown from 20 to 120 active users on our Cliq community and steadily growing. It's been a seamless journey to use Cliq in different aspects of our organization! "

    Rishabh VermaCo-Founder & COO, NavGurukul
    Case Study

    "We're always looking for new ways to automate routine, time-consuming tasks, and with Cliq, this became possible."

    Team Everest
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    "We transitioned from text messaging to Cliq and it skyrocketed our productivity! I especially like threaded replies and how every conversation is clutter free. Also the fact that Cliq is beautifully synced across all your devices and other apps is a major advantage for all of us."

    Audrey CoppockEngineer, Ambrose Solar

    "Cliq has made organization-wide communications easier, work has been more smart and quick! Our Cliq experience has been excellent with easy-to-use UI and features and instant support whenever necessary. "

    Vinod MadathilHead Of Information Technology, Al Seer Marine

    "This app has allowed me to work from wherever I choose, all while communicating with my team effectively."

    Duane StoneArial3 Group, Inc.

    "Easy to set up, install and adapt to! Awesome collaborative tool. I'm looking forward to what's in line from Cliq. "

    Jason GreenwaltBusiness Analyst, Kingsgate Logistics

    "This is awesome, I can finally connect with my entire staff on the fly! I have 12 employees all selling and collaborating with my customers and I am out creating business, or on vacation, and I have full connection with my staff. Wow. Perfect app. Thanks Zoho."

    Jay BernunzioFounder & CEO, The Tint Shop
    Case Study

    "The biggest benefit of Cliq for us is the message history. We always need to know what our team discussed last week or last month and we never have to write it down."

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    Case Study

    "For the longest time, up until 2017, we worked 100% from home. We relied on a real-time messaging platform to help us collaborate and run our entire business. Channels make it easy to have a contextual conversation, while also creating a shared knowledge base for employees."

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    "What we love about Cliq is that it's easy to learn, it's intuitive, and it's far more cost-effective than similar chat clients currently on the market."

    Natasha EllardCo-owner and Managing Director, Urban Element
    Case Study

    "Cliq was the first app that we rolled out here, and it created a big impact since we didn't have a good team communication software in place."

    Kingsgate Logistics
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    "Cliq has become our primary source of communication. We're able to collaborate over customer tickets and resolve them easily!"

    Matt CianfaraniChief Operating Officer, Cartika
    Case Study

    "Data security has always been an important consideration for us, especially with all the digital threats out there. So it gives us peace of mind to know our data and our clients data is fully secure and encrypted."

    Urban Element
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    "When we call our international team through Cliq, the audio calls and the video feature are just as good and often even better than the apps outside of Zoho. When the pandemic hit Australia, the Sydney-based team went remote. We initiated daily scrum sessions with our Australian team so we could keep tabs on what everyone was doing, and if we needed to help each other. Zoho Cliq was a good tool in regards to keeping communication channels open. We found our team was very productive even when working from home."

    Amy Gray
    Amy GrayCorporate and Governance Manager, Alpha Vet Tech

    "Zoho Cliq is not only as a chat application, but also as an information lifeline for the company. We can easily collaborate on multiple projects, attend meetings and screen-sharing sessions, and instantly exchange documents to bring out the best campaigns for our clients. We use Zoho Cliq for communication. It helps us feel that we are working together (physically) even when we are not."

    Xavier Tan
    Xavier TanCo-Founder, Heroes of Digital

    "We use Cliq every minute of every hour of every day. Without Cliq, our communication would have been a lot more difficult. Cliq has been the biggest surprise. We never even thought about bringing a product like that into printIQ but once we started using it, the email traffic internally dropped significantly and now everyone is chatting all the time across the world over Cliq."

    Adrian Fleming
    Adrian FlemingGlobal Director of Sales, printIQ