How a growing non-profit switched to Cliq to enhance their team collaboration and productivity

Who is Team Everest?

Team Everest is one of the biggest youth-run NGOs in India, with over 10,000 volunteers. They focus on motivating individuals to volunteer at least once a month, and make a difference by providing quality education to underprivileged children through volunteering. Team Everest initiatives include scholarships for school and college students, digital literacy classes for underprivileged students, skill-development training programs, and free study centers in rural areas.

Switching from Slack to Cliq

The founder, Karthee Vidya, tells us, "We had signed up for Slack's NGO plan, but we found it tiresome to add new employees manually."

"We're always looking for new ways to automate routine, time-consuming tasks, and with Cliq, this became possible."

Karthee VidyaKarthee Vidya, Founder, Team Everest

Ready, set, go.

Cliq is enabled for new employees at Team Everest, right from Day 1. 

"This is part of their onboarding process. Zoho Docs files can be shared on Cliq, and soon they install the mobile app, so they can stay connected."

---Karthee Vidya, Founder, Team Everest

Reduce clutter, save time

Cliq soon became the de facto mode of communication at Team Everest.

Being a time-management guru, Karthee values software that helps him save time. "Before the screen sharing feature became available on Cliq, we'd spend time setting up the mic and other equipment. Now we can collaborate with our CTO, who's working remotely from Hyderabad, with just our laptop mic and speaker."

"I've ensured that we use Cliq for all official internal communications. Wherever possible, we've switched from internal emails with endless reply threads to Cliq, for instant collaboration and delivery."

---Karthee Vidya, Founder, Team Everest

In the months to come, Team Everest will grow further, as new employees are set to join. What's more, they're looking for new ways to integrate Cliq's platform with Zoho Creator to automate their work processes even further.

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