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About Cartika

Cartika was founded in 1999 to serve as an application hosting and support firm. What started as a modest reseller account has now steadily grown into a robust application hosting platform.

Primary source of communication

Keeping up with customer expectations means making sure that you provide support. The company offers 24/7 customer support. Communication is neatly organized in channels for different topics such as general support queries and technical updates.

Matt explained, "Channels make it easy to have a contextual conversation, while also creating a shared knowledge base for employees."

"For the longest time, up until 2017, we worked 100% from home. We relied on a real-time messaging platform to help us collaborate and run our entire business. What really pulled us towards Cliq is the ability to connect all our employees from different locations easily!"

Matt CianfaraniMatt Cianfarani, Chief Operating Officer, Cartika

Productivity powered by integrations

Now when there's a customer query, the support executive uses a slash command to share details about the ticket with the technician. Additionally, the ticket inflows are connected to a channel, so everyone in the support team is notified about new customer queries coming in.

Cartika also uses Cliq calls to connect with their employees, drastically reducing their mobile phone usage.

"Cliq has become our primary source of communication. We're able to collaborate over customer tickets and resolve them easily!"

--- Matt Cianfarani, Chief Operating Officer, Cartika

What Cartika loves about Cliq

  • Reliability
  • Tight Integrations

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