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We Know Creating Tests Isn't Easy

Stacks of question papers, an even bigger pile of answer sheets, and a race against time to evaluate them. Different sets of question papers - one per candidate. Not to mention evaluation - if you had done it once, you'd agree it's a big nightmare to create and conduct a test.

It need not be that way. Zoho Challenge's test maker can lighten it up. We want to make creating tests and evaluating them a piece of cake. We want to do to tests what emails did for communication: make things easy, quick, and simple.

Our Test Maker Takes Care Of The Tough Things

A test is only as good as the questions that make it up. You just have to feed Zoho Challenge's test maker the questions (multiple question types, multimedia and comprehension passage support included) - it will take care of the rest - multiple question papers, random questions (can be selected tag-wise as well), evaluation, analytics and security.

Forget supervising classes - you can set the expiration time and make sure that no two candidates get the exact same test. You can also throw in advanced controls to prevent candidates from taking tests outside your campus! Of course, you can also integrate the test into your website and control access even better.

Zoho Challenge's Test Maker Also Does Evaluation

Evaluating answer sheets? Dabbling with negative scores? Zoho Challenge will take the burden - ask people who've used Zoho Challenge, and they'll tell you how impressed they were. Gone are the days you painfully calculated marks, result and ranks. As soon as a candidate completes a test, results are ready for your examination (pun intended!) - all charted out.

Your candidates can see the correct answers - and even the scores as soon as they submit the test - great for practice tests. You can also export test results to a spreadsheet in a jiffy.

Customer Testimonials

"Use Zoho Challenge and not Google Forms. I plan to implement this throughout my classes that I give"

"The comprehension type questions look great and are a feather in your cap"

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