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    A robust, well-functioning government is the cornerstone of human civilization. A government provides basic amenities to the public, ensures national security, maintains law and order, and works towards the development of the nation and its people. Surveys are a helpful tool that governments utilize to function efficiently. They are useful for obtaining the necessary data for good governance.

    Different ways in which surveys can help government function:


    Surveys play a major role in elections. For example:

    Candidate profile

    Public opinion polls help political parties choose the ideal candidate.

    Exit poll

    Exit polls give estimated polling results to the relevant authorities.


    Demographic surveys help political leaders understand their voters better. The right sample size will help you target the right demographic.

    Vote turnout

    Turnout polls help to estimate turnout based on the number of eligible voters in an area. Estimate your voting turnouts in advance through margin of error calculation.

    Public service

    Surveys help the government provide better services to the public. For example:


    Healthcare surveys help the government understand the lifestyle choices of the public, structure better healthcare programs, and prevent disease outbreaks.


    Education surveys help the government understand both students’ and the educators’ expectations regarding courses and syllabuses.


    Business surveys are useful for state-owned enterprises and corporations in improving HR management and R&D initiatives.

    Outside of these sectors, surveys can also be helpful in other government departments like telecom, postal, and transportation services.

    Government affairs

    Surveys can allow the government to get data from the public or concerned authorities through qualitative and quantitative research and understand opinions deeper before taking major decisions. For example:

    Public opinion

    Public opinion surveys or opinion polls help governments know what the public thinks and feels about a subject. Focus groups are a great way to understand public sentiments. They give the people, whose opinions are often unheard, an outlet to express their viewpoints. It also helps the government gauge public reception before introducing new laws and receive feedback post-amendment.

    Electoral college

    Surveys can be useful for gathering information during Presidential elections.

    Budget and finance

    Surveys can be used to get data before making financial decisions, and creating annual budget plans.

    Military decisions

    Surveys can help in getting important data before making military investments or bringing reforms.

    Uncomplicate government decisions.

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