Focus Group Questions and Testing


Focus Group Questions and Testing

The most popular form of qualitative research provides immediate data for analysis and is a great alternative to interviews. Join Zoho Survey's Focus Group questions to gain valuable consumer insights.

  • Focus group testing goes back to the 1930s when social scientists started using them for discussions and as an alternative to interviews. Focus groups encourage a selected group of people to participate in discussions and share their opinions, and ideas on selected subjects. Focus group testing is now an important aspect of the product development process.


    There are many different kinds of focus groups. Academic-oriented focus groups deal with education and academics. Consumer-oriented focus groups provide feedback to manufacturers on their new products. Public/non-profit ones target public issues.

  • Focus groups are quick, cheap, and easy to conduct. They develop deep consumer insights and perform accurate data analysis by collecting your customers' opinion in their own words. Focus group testing also has its own advantages and disadvantages.


    A few of the benefits of conducting focus group testing are:

    • Fast, easy, and less expensive,

    • Easy to build ideas based on others' responses,

    • Simplified data analysis,

    • Easy understanding of the target market, and

    • Easy error identification.


    Some of the limitations of focus group testing are:

    • Less independent responses,

    • Dominant participants can skew the discussion,

    • Ideas are not always reliable,

    • Requires a moderator, and

    • Needs skill to analyze the data.

  • Focus group testing and usability testing are two terms that are often used interchangeably. However, they are two different types of research methodologies used for extremely different goals. Focus group testing is performed within a selected group to understand their attitude and thoughts on a particular product. It is conducted to understand the needs and expectations of potential customers before launching a product. Usability testing deals with the actual usability of the product. Tests are conducted on a regular basis to check the performance of the product, how customers use it, and to analyze customer experiences during testing or after the product is released.

  • Learn more about your target market, your customers, and what they expect out of your product. Listen to them and to plan your product development. 


    Here are a few helpful tips when planning a focus group:

    • Ask open, impartial, and relevant questions,

    • Encourage free-flowing discussions,

    • Make them realize you value their opinion, and

    • Convert differences of opinion to new topics for discussion.

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