Collaborate - Share Surveys and Reports

Invite colleagues to help edit your surveys, or send reports to let them know the results. Put your heads together to make the best decisions.

Team up
Collaborate Share Surveys and Reports

Share Surveys

Improve your surveys by tapping into your friends' and colleagues' skills. Get a designer to customize your survey theme, a salesperson to create your email campaigns, or a writer to edit your questions. Collaborate on, organize, and publish with ease.

Share Survey

Share Preview

Share a preview of your survey to friends and colleagues to get their feedback on how it looks. While sharing your survey would give them full editing access, sharing the preview lets them view but not edit.


Invite Reviewers

Call in a consultant to get an outside viewpoint. Reviewers can leave comments during a time period that you specify, without altering your content.


Share Reports

Create custom and filtered reports to distribute to your team. Role-based access offers you the control to secure information, while still giving your colleagues the information they need.

Collaboration Share Reports

Transfer Surveys

Role changes in an organization can be a hassle, especially when information needs to be transferred from one account to another. Zoho Survey can provide the advantage of fluid ownership. Send a copy of your survey to a friend or teammate that they'll have ownership of, or transfer control of your original survey completely, along with any associated reports.

Transfer Surveys