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Canadian tax support in Zoho Expense

To switch to Canadian edition, users should choose Canada as their country while signing up for Zoho Expense.

Enabling tax for Canadian edition

To enable tax for the Canadian edition of Zoho Expense:

Enable Tax

To add tax to your expense, you should select your tax from the Tax drop-down that is present in the expense creation/edit window.

Adding a New Tax

When you newly create a Zoho Expense account, the Taxes tab under the Settings section would be empty. You will have to create your taxes based on your country’s tax policies.

Tax settings

To add a new tax:

Creating new tax - Canada

Adding a New Tax Group

It is customary in some countries to club some taxes under a common head. In such cases you will have to create a Tax Group which will fulfill this regulatory requirement.

To create a new tax group:

Adding New Tax Group

Adding a New Tax Agency

In Canada, different provinces file their taxes under different tax agencies. To help users configure this, Zoho Expenses allows them to create tax agencies and associate them while creating taxes.

To create a new tax agency:

Creating new tax agency - Canada

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