Aren’t you using Zoho Wiki yet?

Featuring a few Zoho Wikis we came across here.

The Montana Library Association recently conducted their annual conference and here is their Wiki. Uri Levanon of Craze Digital is organizing a music event, on June 29 in Israel and he has a wiki named MuseNet. Note how beautifully crafted the instructions are in both Hebrew & English, given the fact that Hebrew is written from Right-to-Left! And we find a lot many Wikis being created in many international languages as well - Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, German etc.

Here's a Wiki for past, present and future Entrepreneurs, the Purdue Entrepreneurship Certificate Program Wiki. And yours truly maintains a few Wiki pages as well ;-) the Zoho Wiki FAQ page and a collection of poems.

Zoho Wiki is free. You can use your existing Zoho ID for logging in or sign-up now. If you are already using Zoho Wiki, do tell us how you are using it.


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