Zoho Projects adds more configuration options

Zoho Projects being used all over the world, our users are a very varied lot. To suit them all, the latest Zoho Projects update introduced quite a few configuration options. The encoding of the mails being sent can now be configured to suit our users' languages. And the time/date format can be chosen to suit different notations being followed in different parts of the world - am/pm or the 24 hour style for time and dd/mm/yy, mm/dd/yy and other options for date.

The 'Powered by Zoho' logo at the bottom has been made customizable. And it can be linked to the company web address that you provide. Another change is that the users' First/Last names will be displayed everywhere instead of the email ID.

'Completed Tasks' can now be shown or made hidden as need be. And 'Notes' of 'Completed Tasks' are now made viewable. There were a few bug fixes as well in Gantt charts, 'My Home' page and document versioning modules.

Test drive the latest Zoho Projects and your feedback will be much appreciated!


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