Dynamic Team Collaboration within Zoho - Credit goes to Zoho Wiki


I'm back with another interesting but important avatar of Zoho

Wiki - Online Team Collaboration Tool. [Catch the earlier post on

Zoho Wiki as the Help Authoring tool within Zoho ]

You might be wondering how we guys manage our teams considering the many

products across varied domains, ? "Keeping it

small & nimble" is the open secret ;-)  And what about the tools? Well, no prize for guessing it; the popular collaboration

tool that most teams use is

Zoho Wiki.

Zoho Wiki @ Zoho Corp

There are multiple

product team-Workspaces under the parent Zoho organization wiki. So,

right away, each team maintains their own independent space that allows

collaboration within the product team members as well as with other

product teams.

Zoho Wiki is so flexible that there are teams that use wiki for

simple collaboration needs like discussing the development of the product features, sharing market

knowledge, uploading usability designs etc. Also, teams like

ManageEngine Applications Manager with different

sub-teams like developers, QAs, marketing, support, tech writing use

Zoho Wiki for managing the entire team.

Instead of relying on the complex Email chains for communication, Zoho Wiki makes collaboration simple & effective.

Ok, Let me elaborate on how ManageEngine Applications Manager team members go about their daily chores.

  • New features that are to be rolled out for an upcoming release are

    explained by the feature-owners in a wiki document. Discussions & comments

    follow and the feature is enhanced. QA & tech writing members are made

    aware of the new features that are in the pipeline. The marketing folks also chip in with their inputs.


  • QA then gets ready with the test plans and they are stored in Zoho Wiki, after which they are shared with the team members.


  • Next, the Tech writer comes up with the help content for the new feature and the

    help documentation, which is shared with the team for feedback


  • Once,

    validation kick starts, the validation reports are stored in Zoho Wiki.

    Test plans can be corrected and updated then & there. Help

    documentation also undergoes multiple revisions. This ensures that the test plans & help

    documents are always the latest and they are not locked up in any



  • Team members opt to 'watch' the wiki and get notified on the changes happening to the project.


  • Another

    advantage of using wiki is, that all departments of the team function

    cohesively. For eg, the support team that interacts with the customer is

    able to voice its concern and get the customer's point of view while testing.

    Also, the support team maintains an extensive troubleshooting guide online using

    Zoho Wiki.


  • Release coordination is also primarily routed through Zoho Wiki.


  • All

    process documents like QA process, Support process, etc are maintained

    in the team wiki. Best coding practices doc is updated and shared with

    the team.


  • Zoho Wiki is used to maintain the software resources licensing and lab PC details for quick team reference.

  • Training material also finds it's way into the wiki. It is easy to keep it updated & share it with partners & customers.


product is over seven


old and plays in the Enterprise Application Performance Management

space. ZOHO Wiki helps good ideas to bubble up from all streams within

our team, be it QA, development, marketing, product management etc. Wiki

also helps us to streamline the development processes we use

in-house", says Gibu Kurien Mathew, Product Manager, ManageEngine

Applications Manager.

 "The end result is great. We are able to make


Engineering and Product Management decisions."


team size may be Five or Five hundred. But at the end of the day, you

need a simple but effective collaboration tool to deliver quality

product & service to your customers.

Try Zoho Wiki for your Team's Collaboration Needs. Create Online Group Workspaces & Securely Share Knowledge.



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