Zoho CRM : Free for Small Biz With the Outlook Plug-in

One oft overlooked feature of Zoho CRM offering is that the first 3 users are free. If you are running a small business, Zoho CRM is the ideal fit for you. What’s more, all the features of the priced edition (which is just $12/month from the fourth user onwards) are available in the free edition as well. Yes, that means the Outlook Plug-in too, as numerous free users, like this one here, have asked for. We will be enabling the Outlook plugin for free users within a week, in our next update. Enjoy! If you haven’t already, check out Zoho CRM now.

There’s been a lot of feedback since we removed the “Mass Emailer” option. Our sincere apologies. This feature was being misused for spamming by a very few and this affected Zoho as a whole. We will be re-introducing it with some controls soon. Kindly bear with us till then.

And there’s an exciting major update of CRM coming up this month-end. Am not going to say anything about it other than this teaser : it involves some sort of integration with another Zoho service 😉


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