Make and receive calls directly from your Zoho apps using the new Voice-Telephony integration.

We released Zoho Voice a couple of months back. From the positive feedback we have been receiving, we believe that Zoho Voice has been serving you well as your cloud-based business phone system. However, we know one of the best parts of Zoho products is how they integrate with one another. This is why we built in integration with all Zoho apps using our Zoho Telephony(PhoneBridge) platform.

Whether it's a Zoho CRM agent trying to call a prospect using the click-to-call function, a Zoho Desk support rep looking for customer details in the call pop-up, or a Zoho Recruit user wanting to add call notes while on a call with a candidate, you can now simplify the way you handle business calls and empower all your teams with this integration.

How do I integrate?

Zoho Telephony(PhoneBridge platform) is a single point of integration between Zoho Voice and all Zoho apps(Zoho One, CRM, Desk, Recruit, etc). This means integration is easier than you might think.

Enable Telephony integration in the respective Zoho app, then log in to your Zoho Voice account to import the agents, purchase numbers, and configure calls for them, then you're good to go. You can learn how to integrate your Zoho apps with Zoho Voice in our user guide.

What features are available in this integration?

This integration has all the features that are supported by the Zoho Telephony platform as listed below.

Advanced call features: IVRs, call queues, call recording, and more.

Click-to-call: Click on any phone number to make a call right away from any Zoho app.

Call pop-ups: Get caller details instantly with screen pop-ups and find out who’s on the line.

Call detail records(CDR): Log call details in Zoho apps and keep track of all the calls made.

Call notes: Add notes about the calls right from the call pop-up screen.

Zoho Telephony integration is available only in our Enterprise Telephony edition's Standard plan. You can check out the pricing and plan details in our pricing page. Each Standard license comes with 1 admin user who has access to the Zoho Voice web and mobile apps, and 10 free Zoho agents who can handle calls only from the integrated Zoho app.

If you don't have a Zoho Voice account yet, please Sign Up to start a 15-day fully-functional free trial. Take advantage of Voice's calling capabilities and set up a unified phone system to meet all your business communication needs. Reach out to us at for questions about the product.


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