RememBear password manager to shut down. Switch to Zoho Vault in 3 easy steps.

Six years after its launch, password manager RememBear has now announced end-of-life for its service. In a recent announcement, the RememBear team explained their decision to discontinue services by July 2023 and encouraged users to find an alternative for the safety of their passwords. They also stated that they will “no longer sell RememBear, and subscriptions will no longer automatically renew for users who have subscription renewal enabled.” If you’re disappointed by this news as a current RememBear user, Zoho Vault might be the answer to all your worries.

RememBear Alternative

Why switch to Zoho Vault?

Vault is also one of the 50+ applications created by Zoho—a brand trusted by over 80 million customers across more than 190 countries—and might just be the RememBear alternative you’re looking for. Vault offers a comprehensive free edition for individuals and tailor-made editions for teams and enterprises. Unlike other solutions backed by venture capitalists, Vault is here to stay and serve the community’s best interests in the long run. Here’s an in-depth look at all the benefits of switching to Zoho Vault and which edition best fits your needs.

Built with love, care, and steadfast security
We know security will be on the top of your list when looking for a RememBear alternative. Vault uses zero-knowledge architecture to ensure complete data security for your passwords. Any data you store in Vault gets encrypted (AES-256 encryption) with your unique master password. All encryption and decryption processes happen on the client side and your master password is never stored on our servers. It is only known to you, ensuring that no one—not even Zoho employees—can ever gain access to your passwords.

An easy switch for individuals
Zoho Vault offers a free version to help individuals safely manage their passwords. Users get access to a wide range of features, including:

  1. Unlimited storage for passwords and other sensitive data
  2. Free password sync across devices
  3. Password autofill across apps and websites
  4. Security scores and insights for all passwords
  5. Multi-factor authentication and much more!

Explore all features included in Vault’s free edition

The personal edition is forever free and there’s no catch. We value your privacy and will never show you ads or sell your data to third parties. If for some reason you decide to stop using Vault, you can easily export all your data without any worry.

The perfect alternative for business users
Password management goes hand-in-hand with uninterrupted, moderated access management at enterprises. If you’re looking for a RememBear alternative for business password management, you can’t go wrong with Zoho Vault. Vault offers an array of features to help businesses of all sizes streamline access management and improve user productivity, including:

  1. Extensive integrations to onboard users from directory services such as Azure AD, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Okta.
  2. Safely share passwords along with TOTP codes with colleagues, teams, contract workers, and the entire organization.
  3. Set up passwordless single sign-on to eliminate manual authentication.
  4. Track every action performed in your organization’s vault with real-time audits and intuitive reports.
  5. View password security scores of employees and sent password-reset reminders.
  6. Acquire business passwords from users leaving the organization.

Take a look at all business features Zoho Vault offers

Simple three-step migration
You can migrate your passwords and other information from RememBear to Zoho Vault in three simple steps. This detailed help guide will lead you through the migration process. However, if you require additional onboarding assistance for your organization, you can easily get in touch with our technical agents.

Interested? Try Vault with a free trial
We offer a 14-day free trial for all our business editions—no credit card details required. We are also offering free Zoho Wallet credits for existing business users of RememBear. You can utilize these credits to try the paid editions of Zoho Vault for an extended period before you start a subscription. To avail free Zoho credits, please send a copy of your current RememBear subscription to


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