Managing your training team is now a breeze

Clara is the head of Learning and Development (L&D) at Zylker Corp, and trains employees in domains like soft skills and leadership. She manages a team that conducts internal training for Zylker's employees based in different branches across the globe. Most of her time is eaten up by tasks like tracking session schedules and manually assigning roles to teammates. As a result, Clara has no time to focus on how effective the training is, or how to better tailor course content to Zylker's staff.

Steve runs a successful training agency. With its 12 member team the agency delivers online sessions to thousands of customers worldwide. Steve has to coordinate with each member of his team to gather customer attrition data and audience feedback for their sessions. His attention is spread so thin that Steve finds himself unable to focus on his actual job of reaching out to prospects and expanding his business.

This is Clara and Steve's story, but it could be yours, too!

Introducing ShowTime for teams

Zoho ShowTime, the web-conferencing and online training tool, has been redesigned to serve organizations as a whole. With an all new admin console, you can now bring your entire team into a unified portal and manage your training resources from a centralized location. ShowTime's admin console offers the convenience of assembling a fresh team, reshuffling roles among members, and streamlining resources.

Clara can now purchase one ShowTime account for her organization, invite members into the portal, and delegate administrative tasks to her most trusted subordinates. She can quickly pull data on how engaged her employees are with their training programs and is now better equipped to design courses based on this evidence.

Using the admin dashboard, Steve can visually analyze the rate of customer attrition his agency is grappling with. The trainer leaderboard statistically separates the best performers on his team from the ones who still have room for improvement. Powered by this information, Steve can now assign his best trainers to his big ticket clients. Steve can also add wings to his branding efforts by sharing his firm's accomplishments with prospects over social media platforms.

Zoho ShowTime's admin console automates all your administrative tasks and simplifies team management, leaving you with enough time to focus on things that matter the most.

For more information on ShowTime for teams, click here.

We would love to hear about your experience using ShowTime. If you have questions or thoughts that you would like to share, write to us at or leave your comments below.


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