The Next Generation Presentation Tool: The All New Zoho Show

For nearly two millennia, ever since the days of Isocrates and Cicero, the art of rhetoric has been the heart and soul of persuading an audience. To bring an idea to life, one has to persuade the person on the other side. This holds true even in today’s meeting rooms.

Recently, we have used various presentation tools to help us convey our ideas across the table. But with more and more tools in the market, our focus gradually shifted towards the tool itself.

How many of us struggled with a poorly designed interface? When the tools you need most, and most often, are buried in drop-down menus or down under counter-intuitive options, we found ourselves spending more time and effort just navigating the software rather than telling the right story.

That’s why we decided to build the all new Zoho Show.

Introducing contextual interface – Craft your stories without any distractions. Show’s clean and clutter-free interface lets your ideas take the front seat. It also offers an intuitive formatting pane that responds to user actions. No more digging around to find the right tool.

Users need a great set of tools to visualize ideas that match their imagination. That is why Show brings you custom text boxes, silhouettes, image filters, pre-defined layouts for charts and tables, more than a dozen animation options for every element within a slide, and more.

Collaboration improves every idea. With Show’s robust commenting system, teams can collaborate, brainstorm, and provide suggestions for improving any element on a slide. You can also add rich text comments to highlight key points, or attach an image when you are out of words.

Finally, when ideas shape up, it’s time to pitch them to your audience. Broadcast slides to a remote audience or use the Presenter View for a face-to-face session and deliver slides from anywhere.

As technology continues to improve, meeting room displays are going smart and wireless. Hence, Show has introduced an app that lets you stream presentation right on your Android TV. You can also control your session using the Show app for Android devices and deliver presentations like a pro.

To convince your audience, you don’t have to be Isocrates or Cicero. Instead, you need a smart tool like Show to help you visualize and present your ideas in an appealing way.

We have a lot more in store for you.

Learn more about what’s new in Zoho Show here.

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Happy Presenting!


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