The King of Candidate Sourcing

Finding candidates is the hardest task for any recruiter. The industry knows this. Every day, software providers roll out new features that try to convince recruiters that this will be the silver bullet that improves their hiring. Yes, doubt remains. “Is this new social recruiting actually working?” “Do I post about this job everywhere, or only on a few platforms?” “How does this new feature actually work?”

As questions constantly loom over today’s digital recruitment age, there has always been one channel that has been consistent in fetching candidates for recruiters. The tried and true job board.

Job boards. They’re not exciting, but they’re enduring, dating back to the 80s. Since then, they’ve evolved and improved, helping millions of applicants land their dream jobs. What’s the special sauce that keeps a three-decade-old platform viable?

Here are a few things to consider.

Easy to use.

Click. Job posted. Click. Applied to the job. That’s how easy it is to use. Recruiters need not be techies to use job boards.

Light on the pocket.

There are thousands of job boards that are budget friendly and a million more that don’t even charge a penny.

Something for everyone.

There are numerous niche job boards that help to target job advertizements to qualified candidates. Furthermore, recruiters have reported that niche job boards improve the quality of candidates they receive.

Flexibility and control.

Once a job is posted on a job board, the recruiter isn’t stuck with it. All job boards give recruiters the access to enable and disable their jobs from being displayed.

Extended Reach.

Big and powerful job boards, like Monster and CareerBuilder, will always dominate Google searches. This means that recruiters can leverage their dominance. With a few judicious keywords in just one ad on a top board, recruiters can nearly guarantee that their openings will reach applicants.

Job boards will never go out of fashion, we think. So take time to perfect your job ads, understand your audience, and target job boards that have the right candidates. Because successful companies start with successful hires.


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