Introducing Co-trainer in Zoho ShowTime: Add more expertise to your training

Online training has established a foothold in the world of learning as an effective alternative to the on-premise model. L&D teams and other corporate trainers are now scouting for software tools that guarantee a comprehensive learning experience to their remote workforce.

With the tectonic shift in the way people learn, using a virtual classroom software that offers just the basic engagement features is like trying to give a presentation with an overhead projector. Your online training technology should ideally offer comparable or superior quality to in-person instruction. That's why Zoho ShowTime is introducing the Co-trainer feature. Co-trainers can fill many roles and help you ensure that learner enthusiasm remains high throughout the session.

Share expertise

Sometimes training content will span subjects outside of your area of specialization. By adding the best minds from that field as your co-trainers, your sessions can cover topics that interest a diverse range of audiences. If your business is training external clients, you can now expand your clientele by hosting a broader variety of training programs using multiple presenters. Even before the session begins, your Co-trainers can assist you with evaluation materials and online promotion.

Act as moderators

We have crafted the Co-trainer feature keeping in mind one of the major challenges our users face during remote training: multi-tasking. While focusing on presenting, it can become difficult to answer questions or follow chat discussions simultaneously. With ShowTime's Co-trainer feature, users can have their colleagues act as moderators to promptly answer questions, facilitate classroom discussion, and raise attendee engagement.

Have your private space

Your session may have an agenda in place but you should always be open to inputs from your trainees. Impromptu changes can require more heads than one to sort things out during a live session. With a team by your side and a private chatroom to collaborate on course adjustments, you can easily alter the training according to your participants' requests.

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