Accelerating the intent of GDPR @Zoho SalesIQ

As technology continues to evolve, there are increasing opportunities to improve business operations meaningfully. Imagine a world without music streaming, binge-watching series, or our smart devices; that isn’t a world many of us would choose to live in.

But Hey! This dependency and ease with technology create a constant erosion of our privacy—and sometimes we’re not even aware of a possibly dreadful trade-off!! It’s a smaller world and technology might turn invasive, which has, in turn, forced people to rethink the distinction between private and public data.

User or Customer data is an organisation’s most valuable possession and managing this data and ensuring it’s privacy is something businesses are still trying to get their arms around. Any developed technology is poised for growth, provided it addresses the ethical implications of handling data.

What happens when your customer shares data? 

Consumers want personalized experiences. There’s no two ways about it. So the time is ripe for marketers to use data to drive a better understanding of where customers are in the buying process and to provide the right message based on their intent to lead them to purchase.

But this personalization requires one essential ingredient: Data.

Deriving your customer’s data allows your business to achieve this necessary understanding of consumers and lets you tailor digital content to fit their custom needs and interests.  But alarmingly, your customers don’t know how their information is being used to make decisions about them!

To address this, businesses should be more transparent about their data handling procedures and privacy policies, and incorporate solutions and tools to leverage consumer data while giving them better control over their data.

Getting a privacy consent is the first opportunity for your customers to interact with your brand—and the importance of first impressions, needless to say, speak for your brand. Businesses need to take privacy seriously and gain trust right from the start of the consumer relationship to access valuable personal details. Brands that practice this will be empowered to create ever-better experiences and will thrive.

Buyers are looking for experiences worth remembering. Getting the trust of your customers right will be the game changer now as businesses can no longer rely on product and price to stand apart.

Zoho SalesIQ’s privacy system and why it matters to us 

Zoho SalesIQ is a real-time insight-driven customer communication platform to engage customers throughout their buying journey. We believe that customers have all the power now. They get to choose where, when, and how they want to interact with companies. Honouring this, Zoho SalesIQ passes the privacy controlling baton to the consumers, to let them rightfully determine how companies use their data.

We’ve compiled a list based on major trends shaping in consumer’s privacy expectations and steps on how your company can tackle them head-on with Zoho SalesIQ’s privacy features :

1. Protect sensitive data during exportation: Zoho SalesIQ allows you to set a password to protect your customers’ data while your agents try to export them.

2. Set the cookie notification message: Let prospects know that your website uses cookies, with a pop-up notification, the first time prospects visit your website. Provide users with more information to link your Privacy Policy/Cookies Policy, and information about how a user can change the settings/opt-out.

3. Notify visitors that your organisation uses Google translator to translate their chats: If your site serves visitors from different countries, you may use Google Translate to get all of the chats translated into several languages. Let your visitors know about it.

4. Notify the terms and conditions to your visitors before they initiate a chat: Brief your customers on the terms that may be applicable on agreeing to start a chat with your business.

5. Mask Visitor IPs: Administrators can use this setting to hide IP addresses from chat agents, to maintain the visitors’ privacy.

Your business can incorporate these simple checkpoints too, to ensure that your data protection practices are upheld. Ultimately, we are ushering into a new era of digital privacy and security. With these changes, there are many burdens and new responsibilities, but also many advantages and opportunities. Those companies that take the effort to reinforce their privacy policies, and communicate that to their customers, will reap many rewards in the years ahead.

Visit Zoho SalesIQ to read more on our data protection practices, privacy policy and compliance implementation.


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